Shane Sanders on 10/04/2016
49 reviews
Just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my new Prusa i3 kit. I couldn’t be happier with this 3D printer. The prints are remarkable. Everything from its design to dual extruders, laser-cut acrylic frame- is of top-notch quality. This printer is fast, steady and a real work horse. In addition to all this, the printer provides an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience.
Grace Fisher on 08/04/2016
49 reviews

I gifted this printer to my husband on his birthday as he is a 3D designer. I am glad that the printer got delivered on time otherwise I would have not been able to gift it to him on his birthday.

My husband loved the printer and was happy to see that it consists of all the necessary items to build and print.

But the major problem came when he actually started working with the printer as the printer is too slow and whenever he tries to increase the printing speed the prints start failing. Slightly disappointed!

Scott Kelley on 02/04/2016
49 reviews

I am involved in a lot of DIY projects so the Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit was an ideal choice for me. The do-it-yourself kit that comes with this printer is in fact a step-by-step guide so that you learn everything easily.

This printer has a garage-built feel which I particularly like. However I did not find it easy to debug like it claims and I was expecting a few more features for this price.

You need to delve too deep into the instruction guide to get everything sorted. Overall – good!

Jamie Campbell on 30/03/2016
49 reviews

I received my Prusa i3 a week back. It is an awesome 3D printer. I am accountable for printing blueprints for my dad’s brassware business.

So, I have a lot of experience with 3D printers. But, this one just blows all of them away. I’ve have had no failures while working any of its components.

The feed rates and speed is exceptional. I’ve been running this printer for almost a week now and the quality gets better and better.  This printer is a definite winner in the 3D printing industry.

Matt Quest on 17/03/2016
49 reviews

Works awesome once you get it put together. Definitely for a very DIY focused person. I'm really happy to have built the whole thing myself because I can fix anything that goes wrong with it now.

I would recommend this printer for you if you are comfortable doing a lot of googling to figure out how to make things work. Not that it is especially hard, its just the nature of the device.

I use Slic3r to generate the gcode files and Repetier-Host to control the printers. It takes some time to figure out the optimal print settings, but once you do you can get some really good results.