Jim Chang


This is a good printer for a good price. I was surprised with what a 3D printer could bring to our life. It is fun to see the designed model comes to reality that I can actually hold by my own hand. Print quality is decent.

The printer comes with features like heated bed and dual extruder which are only available in high end expensive printers. Seller provides excellent customer service. The customer support is quick and helpful.

The hardware looks decent but I hated the software, I had to do a lot of tinkering before I could really get to printing.

A better software support would have earned 5 Star rating but I would settle with 3 Stars for now.

Harry McEntyre


I bought this printer for my dad as a birthday gift; the printer was delivered in 5 days and came with nice packing. My dad was able to assemble it in 2 days and was pretty excited about it.

He managed most of the assembly himself but did complain that the manual was not very helpful. He had to refer to online video to get the printer up and running.

The printer comes with Dual extruder which works well; we have already used the printer to print using ABS, PLA and I am amazed at how quickly my dad has become a printing geek with this printer. They seem to be using a new extruder which prints finer resolution prints, the results are pretty impressive. The Acrylic casing of the printer seems to be high quality and does not feel like cheap plastic.

3d printers online store also provided LCD Display, SD card reader, a Spool Holder and a KG of PLA for free, which was really nice of them. All this for just $340 was like the best deal ever.

Adam Kovac


Got the printer assembled within a day, but the instruction manual was not good. The printer worked immediately and some got some good prints, but removing the prints was really messy. I broke a few prints then I purchased some scrapers which helped me get the prints out.

I feel the power supply is very weak and it takes forever to heat up the build plate and the extruders, I have replaced it with a higher power one and it takes less than 5 minutes to get it operational.

I expected the kit to be not perfect but I am glad it works



It came with almost everything. There were a couple of parts missing. Also the extruder is not very good quality. I had to replace both of them completely as the nylon part inside made the filament get stuck.

The heat block comes with an M5 screw, which is very uncommon and could not find any M5 Extruder anywhre, so I replaced the whole head with M6 parts.

The heat bed comes assembled which is great. The assembly instructions are not very good as the guy that made the video constantly covers his work area and one can't see what he's doing, so you have to figure it out.

It also does not come with Slic3r config files for ABS. In general, I'd recommend it only if they improve on the documentation.

William Graham


I got mine delivered last week, So far pretty happy with it. It was not very easy to setup but then I am really messy with wires and I cannot complain.

The DIY kit did not need any soldering and that really helped. Sure I had some minor issues with belt tension but the manual that came with the printer helped me sort the issue.

I mostly print parts related to machine designs and have been blown away with the quality of the prints. The Printer comes with heated bed and I could print PLA and ABS on the printer. My next plan is to print using Ninjaflex and hope that works as well. The Dual extruder look high quality and once you get around calibration of the print bed (which can is difficult) it prints beautifully. I hate the slow printing speed, anyone else having the same issue?

I would recommend this printer for beginner and enthusiast.