Michael Grosche


The dual extruders are great, even if it took a while to get the appropriate software design to run with two filaments. Initial setup and print quality are good but struggles some with bridging and overhangs.

The last thing to mention is that on larger prints, the base of the model begins to warp, likely due to uneven heating of the platform. I pointed out the things I'm less impressed with; however this is in fact a very good printer and suits my needs very well.

Viktor Wizkard


This is a fantastic product but really it is not for everyone. It is difficult and frustrating at times when you cant get it to work. I would highly recommend having patience and some prior experience including software and 3d design experience.



To be frank until I run this machine, I had very average opinion over this printer, thought that this might not be the best as it is very affordable, but I was totally wrong the prints were really cool, everything is extraordinary including sales team of this website. I have recommended this product in my Fb.

Nick Fallon


First of all let me say this is the second Prusa i3 printer I have bought for dual color prints. The printer is not bad. Downloaded some dual color printer sample STL files from thingiverse. Still cannot able to take quality prints but its improving.

Bilal Keskin


Very easy to set up, and great purchase for the price!!!