Nora D. Ward


It arrived very late, I guess after 20 days of placing the order and I am very disappointed with the delivery service. When I assembled the printer and started working on it I have realized that its printing speed is so slow that I cannot even take 10 prints in a day. I tried increasing the printing speed but then the quality decreased and the outcome was pathetic. I tried fixing this problem many times but nothing works.

Jones William


Superb 3D printer in the world of 3D printing industry! I have been using this printer from past 2 months but I haven’t encountered a single flaw. It is a perfect fit for my brassware business. Its speed is commendable and feed rates are remarkable. Apart from its performance, the quality of materials used is impressive. Looks like a heavier, more durable printer. This do-it-yourself-kit ensures the printer is easy to assemble. At such an economic price, this 3D printer is awesome.

Berry Jones


One thing that I really liked about this 3D printer is that it can print a variety of material like ABS, wood, nylon, wood, etc. Its dual extruder is simply superb and works efficiently. I was searching for something like this. Prints delivered are great—exact replica of the original material.

Precise in size and shape. I also liked the printing speed. Devising this kit was also very easy. I followed the simple instructions mentioned on the packaging box and it was ready to go. I am a satisfied consumer and recommend it.

Shane Sanders


Just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my new Prusa i3 kit. I couldn’t be happier with this 3D printer. The prints are remarkable. Everything from its design to dual extruders, laser-cut acrylic frame- is of top-notch quality. This printer is fast, steady and a real work horse. In addition to all this, the printer provides an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience.

Grace Fisher


I gifted this printer to my husband on his birthday as he is a 3D designer. I am glad that the printer got delivered on time otherwise I would have not been able to gift it to him on his birthday.

My husband loved the printer and was happy to see that it consists of all the necessary items to build and print.

But the major problem came when he actually started working with the printer as the printer is too slow and whenever he tries to increase the printing speed the prints start failing. Slightly disappointed!