The printer is very good for the price. The customer service is great and it reacts on your requests very fast. The shipment to Switzerland took about 8 days. I have payed aprox 30 CHF for custom clearance. Everything what is needed to mount the printer was in the package. Even the small tools (screwdriver, allen wrench, etc.).

The installation manual is quite simple (mostly as 3d drawings). You should read it before start to build your printer. The provided cable of the power supply to connect it to the grid (230VAC 50Hz) has wrong connector for Europe/Switzerland and there is no switch to power on/off. However, I have replaced it with an own cable.

The original cable uses only the N and L wires. I would recommend to connect ground line., as well, before you try to connect the 3d printer with your pc (normally there are three wires in the cable: L, N and Ground).

The 3d printer works as expected and I am very satisfied with it.


David Rojas


I hit a few snags and was initially extremely frustrated with the printer. So after about 80 hours of working on it and the firmware, I finally got it printing correctly. Online community helped a lot.



I know the risk in ordering low cost machines, analysis everything before you order, this printer is best for its price, I would say you can buy this printer with confidence. Guys forgot to say one thing, while I checked my package I found smooth rods missing and I felt way too bad but luckily support team agreed to send and I received in a week.

Aftab Alam


Shipping was great. One of my friend purchased the same product from ebay it took 15 days to receive the item. Here, i received in 8 days to France.

About the printer, it is average. High accuracy dual color print samples are little hard but worth for the price. I recommend this product to anyone.

Joanna Weissner


Let’s you print in more than 1 way!

Besides all the great specifications it has like the LCD control panel and the SD Card reader functionality; it has dual extruders which make it easy to make dual color prints or make 2 prints of different colors simultaneously.

Since I like sturdy models, the all metal motor gives me peace of mind that I am getting my money’s worth and won’t have to worry about the basic structure deteriorating after a while. I would definitely recommend this to my fellow architects.