Yaseen Khan


I got this printer for my son who is learning mechanical engineering; I really did not know much about these machines so I went by the guy feeling.

I gave to him when he came to visit me during the Christmas holidays last year. He was super excited to get this as a present and he made a parting gift for me on the printer.

I am physically handicapped and had a broken handle on my wheelchair; he designed a new handle on his computer and printed one for me.

It’s the best gift I have very received; I think this technology has the potential to a lot of good if used correctly.

Omkar Deshpande


Best printer for the money. Dual head printing is good learning experience for 3d designing and 3d printing skills. Very exciting about Wood printing, just waiting for the filaments.

Note: Not recommended for beginners.



Since I already had some experience of working with 3D printers, assembling this kit was not so difficult for me. It would however pose a problem to a beginner or someone used to working with pre-assembled printers. The software comes pre-installed so you don’t have to worry on that end.

I had some issues with the dual-color prints using some materials but that is justified in this price range. The good thing about this piece is that it provides support and runs on many materials. I have got satisfactory results with PLA and wood so far.

George Richardson


Satisfied with this dual head machine . I was a fan of his acrylic machine but this extruder gives me the output it clearly defines. Good learning experience.

Hardik Dave


Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore team for recommending this.

Fastest shipping. Overall product quality is good. Need little improvement in the documentation.

Dual head settings not explained well. But the tech support team was very helpful.