Jiang on 19/11/2015
49 reviews

Got one of these around 2 months ago, the printer was delivered quickly but it came without driver/instruction DVD. I could not get the printer together at the first go but then the customer services team helped me out to get the pieces together.

One needs to spends hours calibrating the printer and understanding the way the printer works. This is certainly not a mainstream machine, rather an experimental one!

Finally after a month of hard work I am now getting decent prints. I so wish the whole experience was easier on people who purchase the printer.

Nicholas Davis on 11/11/2015
49 reviews
An excellent machine to work with clear and precise 3D printing! Although I usually prefer pre-assembled printers, I didn’t find assembling this one that difficult as some reviews say. My whole class uses this printer for their projects and the best thing is- It works on almost all operating systems- Mac, Windows and Linux! The various nozzle diameters (0.3 mm, 0.35 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm) makes is easy to make models with varying thicknesses. What’s more? You can easily connect this with your LCD control panel!!!
Philip on 10/11/2015
49 reviews
Actually I wanted some inexpensive dual extruder 3d printer for hobby use, but that was mature enough I wouldn't have to spend a ton of time fiddling with it. Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase for the price. I would recommend he dual head 3d printer for prototype researchers.
Nick Fallon on 30/10/2015
49 reviews
First of all let me say this is the second Prusa i3 printer I have bought for dual color prints. The printer is not bad. Downloaded some dual color printer sample STL files from thingiverse. Still cannot able to take quality prints but its improving.
Patrick Got on 12/10/2015
49 reviews
Great first printer. The mount is not difficult if we do this with method. Thanks