Sadie Williams


The bearing aren't up to the mark but they do the job, to be frank it actually took many testing to get better prints, Best of all is the customer service from this store, it doesn't matter the number of questions they will be cool enough to answer all.. stay calm and believe in your work



Product is really good, I can recommend this, good packing as well, but found some parts missing, thankfully they shipped it and the 3d printer seems to work fine, better avoid such mistakes in future,

Wiatr Henrykaanna


By far the best sub-thousand dollar printer out there, But I am not very happy with the fact the manufacturers do not provide a complete assembled unit.

General people are obviously not tinkerers and have their own business to mind and if the manufacturers give the option of an assembled printer it will make life of these people a lot easier.

Lets get back talking about the printer :- This printer, gives you an outstanding base with which to get started with 3d printing. It print with most kind of filaments, I have thrown ABS and PLA and it has not disappointed me.

The software supplied with the printer sucks and gives very less customization options so be ready to invest more into slicing softwares.

Timo Huotari


I received this printer in August and took me forever to get it together. The printers left extruder became jammed and stopped working within 2 months. I called the customer support but they informed me that happed because I used substandard filaments. I had to get another one.

The LCD plays up at times and works only after a few restarts, . The printer is too slow, and if I try to increase the printing speed, my prints start failing.



Got one of these around 2 months ago, the printer was delivered quickly but it came without driver/instruction DVD. I could not get the printer together at the first go but then the customer services team helped me out to get the pieces together.

One needs to spends hours calibrating the printer and understanding the way the printer works. This is certainly not a mainstream machine, rather an experimental one!

Finally after a month of hard work I am now getting decent prints. I so wish the whole experience was easier on people who purchase the printer.