George Richardson


Satisfied with this dual head machine . I was a fan of his acrylic machine but this extruder gives me the output it clearly defines. Good learning experience.

Hardik Dave


Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore team for recommending this.

Fastest shipping. Overall product quality is good. Need little improvement in the documentation.

Dual head settings not explained well. But the tech support team was very helpful.

Sandra Larson


This Printer is an example of excellent workmanship, for the price of 405 dollars you get a dual extruder printer that really works. I agree with others that the printer needs hard work assembling but you cannot really ask for much at this price.

I would ask all the whining people to get an assembled printer which is worth almost 5 times the prince of this one, and I would still doubt if that one will work as well as this one.

My first print went without any problems and I have never had any issues with this printer. We are already planning to get 2 more of these which will replace some existing branded printers.

John Zenith


Since purchasing this as my very first 3D printer a few months ago, my He 3d Dual printer now has 425 print hours on it.

The heated bed works well and can heat upto 120 degrees, which is perfect to print all kind of plastics including nylon and PC.

The SD card didnt workt, but works with G Codes created with open source Cura software.



It’s a Great 3D printer for individual projects but does need a lot of patience while assembling. I would rather spend some extra cash and get an out of the box assembled printer. Anyhow the printer works fine