Very nice printer for the price.

Jenna Smith


I loved the printing speed of this 3D printing kit. I was seriously surprised to see such good quality prints that too at 100 mm/s. The print thickness ranges from 0.05mm to 4mm, which is also great. Mechanical precision is also impressive. One thing that I liked the most is that it is compatible with all the three main operating systems –Linux, Mac and Windows. It also has a USB device interface and SD card.

Kimberly Johnson


Everything was there except assembly directions, wiring diagram, software. A quick email to seller and they provided links to YouTube videos for assembly and a wiring diagram.

Bob Richardson


A good one but requires slight tweaking

This is really a decent printer, but requires a lot of tuning to get the things done right. The complete printer kit includes all the required items to build a complete delta 3d printer. It comes with the majority of tools you need to assemble.

Pros - Compatibility with Windows/Mac/Linux, High-speed USB device interface, larger print size, clean and precise E3D-V6 nozzle.

Cons - Some of the parts don't accurately fit together. I had to drill out some holes for a smooth installation. Also, for smooth turning, I had to oil the top threaded acrylic rods. Some improvement is needed on the heated bed. 

All in all, it’s a nice purchase.



Machine runs wonderfully once you get it going. Accurate, dependable, and only engineers with stuff can use this. You are getting thousands of dollars’ worth printers for a few hundreds. The printer comes as a kit but then being a delta printer the assembly hardly takes any time.

The printer has a huge build base and would strongly suggest getting the heated bed upgrade so that the printer can print with stronger ABS Plastic.

I have tried printing at 50 Microns and that gave me some amazing prints, I agree it took longer but the results were as good as injection molded parts.