Aniela Król


This He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer was an average buy. It could have been built in a better way. I liked the filament compatibility but the prints were average. The metal body is good but the heatbed is really small. But the metal construction is durable which a good thing is. Thanks to He 3D for free shipping.

Tayla Scrivener


As a Set Designer, I am in constant need of printing 3D models for my presentations. This He 3D - Mega Delta Printer helped me a lot. The printing quality is really good and it has dual extruder printing which is very supportive. Overall, it is a good printer for petty purposes and I will surely recommend it.

Giuseppe Cappiello


He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer is worth every penny I’ve spent on it!

Being a product designer, I regularly use this printer for building small stereotypes. The prints are precise and are of accurate thickness. The printing speed is amazing. The build base is also perfect for small prints. All this comes at budget-friendly price!

Heart-warming 5 stars from my side!

Husam Wadi


Overvalued! Missing Layers! Not a good Printer!

To be honest, this Delta printer is not that great. It was like buying everything separately. From heat bed to extruder, I had to pay individually. The build-up plate is so small, you can hardly print legos. Due to nozzle clogging, I can see missing layers in my prints.

There is a problem with the rod which is distorted or dirty. Either way, I am not getting the fine quality prints and I am very disappointed with this printer.

Jiang Li Wan


I used 3D printer for the first time. I must say it has outstanding features which justified my spent on this printer. It has dual extruder printing option that helped me a lot in printing my models. I would love to suggest my office friends to buy this amazing device for their work.