Mike Bitter


Very difficult to get working.

The instruction manuals are very badly prepared. I was able to get the printer together only after taking a lot of help from the on line reprap community.

A lot of people there told me that the printer breaks down often; thankfully for me the printer has not failed me till now. The ABS prints tend to wrap on larger prints, the culprit being the open design.

This is a perfect printer for building prints which are large.

Chris Tweten


Worked great out of the box, easy to set up with the included documentation. The auto bed leveling works great, this printer can be used by people that aren't "tech savvy" as well as 3D pros.

Erica Hill


He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer Kit, has it all- Precision, speed, accuracy, quality and a large print area. This 3D printer has a huge build base that allows to print large objects on single print. It is made up of aluminum material that makes it lightweight and durable at the same time.

If you are in a prototyping business, this one printer you should definitely get. The Auto-leveling and Auto-calibration is another striking feature that makes it worth an investment.

Jason Wright


According to me, He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer Kit is an out of the box 3D printing solution. It has an amazing printing speed of 100mm/s that delivers printing thickness of 0.05 mm to 4mm. The prints delivered are replica of the original pieces with the mechanical precision of 0.0125mm. One of the best things about this 3D printer is that it is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. This printer is definitely a quality piece of hardware and I highly recommend it to print large prototypes.

Thomas Antony


Great product so far have had 3 successful prints right out the gate, self cleaning and aligning before every print makes this printer worth every penny!