William Bell


He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer can print PLA, CopperFill (metal), wood, nylon, ABS, polycarbonate and ABS. The prints are delivered at medium speed and quality of prints is also average. I liked the LCD monitor display that shows clear instructions. The layer resolution of 50 microns is also pretty impressive. It is a good kit for professionals to use. For beginners, it might be too complicated to understand.

Lancy Popkin


This is really a great-great 3D printer kit; the setup was lot easier than the non-delta printers.

The printer had a better built and was packed with features like dual extruder and auto calibration. You cannot expect more for this price, the seller was prompt and reliable.

There was a slight delay due to non-availability of stock but they did send us an email informing the reason of the delay. A physical assembly manual was missing from the kit but the seller sent the same through email and that worked.

We have been printing Nylon using this printer and I would say the quality is ok. Next up we are doing to print wood filament from esun and hope that works as well.

Jitendra Ahlawat


Parts were missing but shipped asap. Customer Service is very responsive, so I still highly recommend this a beginner set for anyone interested in entering into the arena.

Farrukh Jamal


Do you enjoy a puzzle? Well folks here it is. Not for the novice. I have an electrical engineering degree but unfortunately my specialty was nothing close to robotics, motion control, or the graphic arts. Well.. It prints but you really have to tune your slicer. Also the stepper connectors are too loose and wires are way too short to bundle or manage.

Keith Redmond


Shipping/Packaging: I received the kit 3 business days after I had placed the order. This was much faster than expected as I only paid for standard shipping. It was packed well and there were no broken or missing parts.

Assembly: It took me about an hour to unpack and inventory all the parts against the bill of materials to make sure everything was there. It took about 3 hours to assemble the unit. A video on Youtube showing the build process helped a lot, especially on the extruder.

Software Setup and Calibration: This process was a little confusing initially but a quick trip over to their forum answered my question (make sure to 'refresh COM ports' to connect!)

Printing so Far: This has been pretty smooth sailing. There is obviously a learning curve and there are some prints that need some software tweaking to get perfect but I am getting better with every print. I am using Octave brand filament for reference.