I’ve had a little experience in 3D printing before I bought this printer kit. I was little nervous initially but as I stated using it, I really got along. And, trust me everything that I’ve learnt, it’s with this 3D printer.

It came with a proper manual and setting it up was a quick task for me. This printer has a perfect auto leveling— good for bigger prints. The prints come out great. I felt a little problem with its all-metal extruder. The printer is great otherwise, something I’d recommend buying.




It’s for the first time that I’m writing a review for a tech product. I’m really really impressed with this 3D printer. It prints details exceptionally well without causing any fuss. I don’t know where should I start from—the auto-leveling feature, efficient software, incredible LCD screen— everything about this delta printer is WONDERFUL!! Such a high-quality output 3d machine. One of the best printers that I’ve used in past few years! It’s a 10 on 10 for me.



I bought this printer for my 14 year old daughter who has just joined graphic designing class on a beginner level. I went to the web and came to read a mix of horror and delightful stories about many 3D printers. I don’t know what made me buy this printer after being so confused— maybe just my intuition. But, am happy that I made this decision. The printer is good for a beginner like my daughter



I am not much of a technical person. For me, buying this printer kit was almost like an experiment. However, I can say now that the kit makes assembling a 3D printer is the hardest part, I just followed the included DIY instructions. It is printing well on plastic and flex. But, I found it difficult to get connected to customer service department.



It just cannot get better than this! I fully recommend this printer kit to anyone who is looking to have precise results on ABS, plastic or even wood. The external frame is quite solid and maintains perfect balance while printing. Auto leveling feature of this kit is another unique thing that makes work so easy for you.