It is a price worthy printer kit. I have been using the printer for over a month now. It is giving good print results on nylon, wood, and flex too. It gets slow in speed at times and that disappoints me a bit. Otherwise, I would like to recommend this kit to all who want a good product at an economical price.



I am very happy with my decision of choosing this printer. The LCD display is of latest quality and even the SD card integration is the best I have seen so far. The auto-leveling feature is time saving and offers a hassle free printing. Other features like aluminum sliders, aluminum frame, build base etc. are also of high quality. The multi material support is highly impressive and no one can beat the quality this printer offers in all the filaments



I am happy with this product. I got timely delivery of the printer kit. The kit came well packaged and all the items were in good condition. It has all the assembling and printing tools I required. But, assembling takes considerable time. Perhaps, this can be improved upon.



the printer’s compatibility with Windows/Mac/Linux and high-speed USB device interface is what made me order this printer. I find the printer very economical also. I assembled it without facing any major issue. The minor issue that I faced was with the acrylic rods as I was not able to fix them in the first few attempts. It has the latest, clean and precise E3D-V6 nozzle which works really well. The printing speed is also very good.



It is a durable printer and I can say this with full confidence as it’s been a year with this printer now. Printer supports multi materials I have experimented printed on Wood, PLA and Flex and have succeeded every time as the results have been high quality. Print Volume is damn big