Wei Wan


Happy to invest on this smart kit!

I was looking for such a great 3D printer for past 2 months. I must say this kit is an extraordinary device. It delivers impressive print quality and that too with a large size of printing. The auto-leveling works well.  It is pretty easy to handle and moreover, they gave me FREE SHIPPING in Greece!!

A 5 star rating to its engineers for making this durable machine and the customer support team of 3D printer store for offering it at a great price with features like free shipping.



I have bought this printer kit for its unique upgrade features that include heated print bed, and automatic platform levelling and height detection. These features make 3D printing results exceptionally sharp and easy. The kit has a strong body and all the contents came nicely package. I am recommending this product for all my 3D pals.



I am ordering my second 3D printer kit today. This is actually a good choice in this price range, actually. The packaging needs to be improved somewhat. Other than that, this printer kit has got everything needed for professional quality prints on wood, flex, nylon, etc. Good product.



I lost my patience in running this kit, it took 1 week hard work and support issues to start getting "successful" prints.

Not a hobby machine and the only advantage is its print area

Good luck

Ashley Bing


I was a complete stranger to 3D printing and searched for a lot of reviews on internet before settling for this printer. I am happy that I invested my money upon it. It delivered amazing prints that too at such a great speed. I loved the SD card integration and LCD display as well. The auto-calibration and auto-leveling mechanism works really well. Devising this kit was also pretty easy. Even for a beginner like me, it took me few hours to build it. If you are a beginner in the area of 3D printing like me, try out this printing kit.