Ken Hong


I am a School Teacher and wanted some 3D Printer which I could use to teach about the technology to my students, I felt a delta printer could be better option than a closed system. I got this printer a month ago and assembled it with the help of a few other teachers and students.

We were not impressed at the time of assembling since it was a headache after following the instructions, (Please improve your instructions), but the quality of the raw materials supplied in the really good. The aluminum sliders were of good quality and the printer build base is the height of advantage .

The software given with the printer is not up to the mark and pretty hard to understand. I had some hard time with it but may be its just me,.

Leo Lacey


I must say, this He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer was not a good purchase because the printing quality is not good. I saw few layers missing in the prints. It was a waste of time and my money. Moreover, the heatbed is so small and I am unable to perform large printing. An average product!



Avoid this product. Instructions are incomplete/wrong. wiring diagrams/voltages incorrect. Videos filmed at high speed, action blurred-impossible to tell what is happening, steps are out of frame. I was supplied many faulty parts, they are refusing to replace leaving me with a non working printer. Excuse is kit is low profit margin, they cannot afford to replace, they suggest finding the components myself at my cost and time/buying more products from them to make it profitable. Design/components of kit are poor. Auto calibration parts and sloppy bearings on sliders cause the hot end to oscillate a lot. I was supplied wiring from smaller printer-not long enough to fit. Supplied files need a lot of arduino modification, no useful instruction given. Search online/YouTube, auto calibration ruins the print. I will never find out-they won't supply the working parts to get it going. Get a kit from another seller that can supply you one that works.

Robert Maringer


For a rookie like me who had no previous experience in 3D printing, Mega Delta came to my rescue as I had only 2 days to submit my model in the institute. This printer is cost-effective and supports PLA, Wood and Nylon filaments. It came automatically calibrated. 

Do check the diameter of the filling. Mine wasn’t sturdy! The Aluminum-Steel body makes it look beautiful. The only thing is you have to upgrade to heat bed version for printing with ABS.

Not a big deal though! I will recommend 4-stars for this printer.

Jason Bell


I am doing masters in architecture and have to deal with 3D printing kits on the daily basis.

I was quite apprehensive when I ordered this 3D printing kit. It came in a nice packaging. I was able to finish the entire kit within two hours by following some simple instructions mentioned on the box.

It worked brilliantly. The prints were seriously amazing. I printed a variety of material such as PLA, Copper Fill (Metal), Nylon and ABS. Prints are exact replica of the original material.

The printing speed is great. The auto-calibration and auto-leveling mechanism also works well. Simply a great 3D kit.