Rami Kantari


We got one of these at my office a few weeks ago. You can literally make thousands upon thousands of items using your printers. We have a prototyping company and used to spend thousands of dollars making molds, but now we give put in set of instructions on the computer and we get a prototype ready.

The printer has a huge build base, which gives us freedom to print large objects on single print. The printer has all aluminum frames which make the printer durable as well as light weight at the same time. The printer has Auto-leveling and auto-calibration which makes printer easy to use.

I would suggest people to get the heated bed upgrade so you can print using ABS plastics, we have already started using the printer and it works well. The printer has saved enough money for us that we are planning to buy a new one.

Alan Hume


It does take some fiddling to get started, but after that it's pretty easy. The design is not easy and minimalistic, and it print quality is great.

My first couple prints didn't stick to the build plate but I found that heating the print plate a bit for PLA, Not much just by 40 degrees does the trick.

The LCD supplied with the printer was not working on arrival but the support team replaced it for me.

Overall I give it 5 stars because of the price and for the customer service as well for the prints



I bought this 3D printer for my office use ads I am in printing business. I am extremely happy with my purchase. This multi featured printer has an excellent speed which allows faster productivity. It is automatically calibrated and is a cost effective product. The prints are clear and vibrant.



I am a fashion designer and needs prints in large amounts on daily basis. Buying of this He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer Kit was such a relief. It works without trouble and the easy operation allows me to complete my tasks on time. Best thing is — 3D printer is offered at a budget-friendly price. I will recommend this product!



it got delivered (a bit late though). I liked this He 3D - Mega Delta 3D Printer Kit. It delivers good quality prints and works fast. The filament compatibility of this 3D printer is excellent. The heat bed of this printer is small and the metal body construction adds to the durability of this 3D printer.