Nick. E


Its been almost a year with the V2 and I have to say that the quality of the prints are excellent. Printing ABS is a bit tricky, but works. There is a big community so almost all problems are solved (not that it has many) and there are a lot of mods if you are the tinkering type.
The bad:
-The bed doesn't stay level (easy to fix)
-The bed does warp with the heat
-Can't print at high speeds with out extruder skipping
-Big prints on abs are not possible, they will crack for lack of enclosure

The good:
-Very high quality prints
-Easy to use
-Buldtak is very good poor pla and tpu adhesion
-Very high quality prints

I recommend it.



The printer print brilliantly on each filament including PLA, PLA and ABS and that is the best feature about this printer. I never get disappointed and now I know that I am going to get outstanding results no matter which size I print and which filament I use. The printer is strong and reliable and I have not faced a single issue in the past 5 months. It is safe to use around children and my kids are also using it for their school project.



I read it in many online reviews that the printer is ready to work straight out of the box. But I had to make minor changes and fix few things up before taking the print outs. The printing quality is outstanding and the best one I have ever experienced. The printer makes noise while printing but I guess that is very normal. I am happy with the printing speed which is good and maintains its consistency even if I am printing for hours.



I ordered the printer because I read it online that it does not require any assembling. I just switched it on and it was ready to print. Initially I only printed small objects but after sometime when I decided to print larger objects I realized that the build-up area is not very huge. I tried printing a larger model and it was not precise. The print prints well on nylon, ABS and PVA and I get exact results whenever I print smaller models. I am happy with high quality extruder and other parts of the printer are also good.



My first 3D printer and I'm very happy with it. I unboxed it plugged in the SD card and printed the 'OK hand' that was on there within 20 minutes and was very impressed with the quality of the print and how easy it all was. I had read many reviews on this printer which had suggested a few mods and tweaks would help it go from a very good printer to an excellent one. I was very impressed to find that Wanhao had obviously listened to the community and had already made most of the changes to the latest version of the printer. I'm very happy with my purchase.