Cedric on 03/11/2015
102 reviews
I ordered from this site and got the printer super fast and at a great price! It is so easy to setup and comes perfect! So the ad says 100 micron but it is truly capable of finer detail. I have printed at 50 micron with simply 3d with no mods. Just slow it down and that's it! I would highly recommend to other 3d artists.
Yegor on 30/10/2015
102 reviews

Received just last week. This is my first 3D printer and it is amazing!!!

Just $400 and printing almost straight out of the box.

Extremely easy to use, beautiful, looks professional, I am enjoying it, my kids got their printouts as well, great!

P.S.: The only issue was that the two vertical beams were out of alignment, so I had problems with balancing the base (struggled for some 20 minutes), but when I understood what the issue was, the printer was ready to print in 5 minutes.

Both ABS and PLA work great!

Lance on 18/10/2015
102 reviews
Guy awesome product cant complain,, I have been using this for 2 months now, Nowadays I'm spend my Sundays with this printer ;)
Evill on 14/10/2015
102 reviews
Impressive, turn up and play without problems.
Owais on 11/10/2015
102 reviews
Mk10 extruder is just getting better, auto calibrated printer. Tried with multi filaments but some of them were failure and support team has given me some settings to use let me try and see how things goes.. Overall a good one to purchase