Eric G


Great little machine in quality and in performance. This is my first 3D printer and I am very happy with it. I did have a small problem with the order, not receiving certain items. After emailing 3Dprintersonlinestore, I was in touch with the manufacture (Wanhao) and my problem was quickly resolved. The included SD card with the "OK hand" printed just fine.

I would recommend watching this video,, to help with setting up CURA (what I used and I got mine from Wanhao's site).

Also, if you view this site,, it has some tips / tricks to help you with your printer along with some mods.



First 3D printer. Quite easy to assemble. After leveling the print bed, printed the example GCODE in the SD card. Impressive result. To print your own designs will need some tweaking which I guess is expected for all 3D printers. I would recommend this printer.

Salvador Fonseca


Comes everything you need to setup and print. A few little things to adjust and I was ready. Great price for a 3d printer with a heated bed. Simple and metal chassis.

J Young


This is a very nice 3D Printer for the money. It was too easy to setup and get running. Six screws installed using provided Allen wrench and it was assembled. It took more time to decide where to use than assembly time.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced 3D Printer and are a first time user, then you should consider the Wanhao i3. Great value for the money!



I can echo the comments from the previous reviewers. This is a really nice, well built printer for the money. If you're looking at getting into 3D printing and don't want to build your own printer from a kit, this is a great starter unit.

The printer was shipped from the US warehouse and arrived in 7 days. I ordered two spools of filament with the printer and thought they should arrive just as quickly. When they didn't, and I hadn't heard about or seen any shipping information about them I emailed 3DPrintersOnLineStore and they quickly responded with the answer. The filament is shipped from China and it took an extra 10 days to arrive.

Not a big deal, but had I known that going in I would have ordered filament from a US supplier and had everything delivered together. Trust me, the 10 meters of filament supplied with printer goes really fast then you have a desk ornament staring at you for 10 days waiting for a refill.