The printer is well made and was packed and shipped securely. I did have a broken limit switch, but the Wanhao team is sending me a replacement. I rigged it enough to print and the print quality is good. The bed is a little tricky to level, but I will be printing parts to enhance it (thumbwheels for the wing nuts, leveling feet, etc.) The included Buildtak surfaces (2) is a great bonus and once leveled, the prints stick like crazy. The power supply is pretty loud, but they are for most printers I've had experience with.

Ashleigh Shorosh


Amazing and not too expensive. My boyfriend and I absolutely love our 3D printer. Within a half hour of getting it, we had it together and printing. I'd recommend this 3D printer to whoever is thinking about getting one.



fully assembled, decent print size, good frame, an excellent printer to buy

The printer works well but I think the success rate of good prints are like 60/40, which needs to be worked on, I have spoken to a lot of guys online and have got mixed opinions, some said that it may be happening because of my inexperience while some said it could be some printer issues.

I really don’t know, all I can think off now is completing the dress I am working on.

Eric Francis


Very nice printer. I've had it for a week and have tried PLA, PETG and ABS without problems. I made the thumbwheel modification right off the bat to make leveling the bed easier. Other than that, I haven't had to change much. Put some glass on the bed to print ABS. In order to do that, I needed to print off a z-axis endstop adjuster ([...]). I've been really happy with my results. Would definately recommend this printer.



This is a great 3D printer for the price. Got it in early Jan but only just got around to putting it together. A few issues though with the installation.

Only 2 Hex screws came with the unit but 6 are required to put the unit together. Luckily the local hardware shop had the right type (even the same elevated hex head) . They are M5 screws 10mm long. You need 4 for the base and 2 to attach the PLA cradle.

Once that was sorted found out that one of the contact switches had the metal tab ripped off. Fortunately it wasn't damaged so I removed the switch and was able to attach it properly. After that it was all steam ahead.

Setting up the print surface was very easy. Plugged in the SD card and printed the test object which came out fabulous. Now buying some more PLA and hoping I can get some 3D models from medical imaging to work.

Fingers crossed.