Johnny Baldwin on 09/08/2015
102 reviews

Great 3D printer manufacture. Solid state due the metal body (not work, not acrylic, not printed parts). You don´t have to assemble the entire printer, just join the tower to the base, plug cables and balance plate and you are ready to print.

Nick Petropoulos on 05/08/2015
102 reviews
If you are looking for an assembled printer for the cost of a DIY kit, this is the perfect choice. It is a good and robust entry level printer, but if you are looking for a professional grade printer look for somewhere else.

The Black body of the printer looks elegant and does not need a lot of space; I have it sitting on my desktop just next to my computer. The printer bed calibration can be messy but the 4 screws below the bed are really helpful. I would not say that they are perfect, they do need some experience but they work. The Drag chain looks great and keeps the wiring together and makes the printer neat.

I have printed with ABS and Pla and both seem to work fine, the MK10 works well and I was able to get some good prints at 100 microns. The Filament spool holder should have been placed behind the printer as I have already messed 2 prints because I accidentally bumped the spools making the filaments to eject from the extruder.

The Printer uses open source software’s like Cura & Simplify 3D which are decent but I would have preferred a better customized software like the one you get with Makerbot.

James Davis on 02/08/2015
102 reviews

I was expecting a printer that would work right away at a low price that could help me make parts for my research. I got exactly that. I now use it multiple times a day.

-Currently, the best priced
-Easy to get running
-Can print well
-Can print large

-Slower than other models
-Occasional print failures from controller (may be eliminated with time and effort)

-Get a backup battery supply. 20 dollars to prevent brownouts from causing failures.
-Go slow. This is not a speedster it's a mule.
-Do not print from USB.
-Invest in good, wide tape after you consume the sheets you're given, and beware of air bubbles.
-Be prepared to learn. 3D printing (your own parts) requires a detailed understanding of parameter interplay.

Neal on 01/08/2015
102 reviews
Awesome printer! Felt like I just robbed a bank this is such great bang for your buck!

I have added a glass bed and the (4) m3 nuts to the leveling bed... Both easy and very worthwhile mods :-)

I did have to tighten up one bolt the holds extrusion assembly to z axis as it was a bit loose so you could wobble print head a bit so definitely worth checking all is secure when you receive.

Cheers !!!

Gur Isler on 01/08/2015
102 reviews
This was my first printer, and I had no experience before except seeing how painful and time consuming was for my brother to build a DIY i3 prusa that we had bought for him from ebay.

Of course may be we were a bit unlucky with that set, however if you can read a lot before, have patience, place, and time to build your own its a good opportunity to learn how the system works.

Or go with Wanhao i3, and once it arrives you ll start to print in no more than half an hour. My box came safe, but be careful while unboxing, and I had just printed the test file in sd card. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about 3d printing with no hassle.

Thanks Wanhao, Thanks 3dprintersonlinestore! (the store is fast too, they shipped in 3 days and I had my printer in 6 days right after ordering, and I was printing).