Daniel Jarí?ek


I received my printer on first badge shipping. Because of poor packing, some of my parts are damaged. Wanhao team sent replacement parts. Now everything fine.

Adam Halenbeck


This printer was recommended to me as my first 3D printer, and I couldn't be happier with it. The only complaint I have so far is that the directions for setting up the software isn't specific enough. I had to do some Googling to find the right values to get it to print downloaded files, but once I got it set up, I haven't had to mess with it since.
The manual also tells you to go download software, but the SD card included with the printer comes preloaded with the program you need (with most of the values preset).

The prints aren't anything to put a museum (quality-wise), but if you have a nail clipper and something to file with, it won't take more than ten minutes to fix the occasional imperfection.

Overall, I think this is an amazing printer for the price. After the initial bumps during setup, it's incredibly easy to use. I was expecting a lot less out of this printer, and ended up being blown away by how satisfied I was. I would absolutely recommend this as a first printer to anyone who wants to get into the hobby.



Perfect printer for a school, home, or work place. Works awesome with all brands of filaments.



Best printer for the money! I have been using it almost one week without pause, superb prints comparable to a $2000 printer.

Kevin Hilderbrand


Excellent printer. Comes nearly fully assembled, just fasten a few screws, level the bed and it's ready to print. I recommend it to anyone looking to enter the 3D printing world or simply want a quality desktop printer. Shipping time to Turkey was 1 week.

Came very safely packaged. A 10-meter spool of filament and an SD card which contains manuals, configured Cura software and a test file is included in the package. Customer service is great, answered all my questions promptly and in detail. I must also mention, the community of Wanhao printer owners was perhaps the most important factor in my decision to buy the Duplicator i3 V2.

There are tons of tutorials, videos, part mods, configuration files, an active Google Discussion group and even a wiki dedicated to Wanhao printers. Lastly, Wanhao continually revises their printers based on feedback from the community. Mine came with the latest additions and changes such as the BuildTak surface and the angled LCD screen.