Gur Isler


This was my first printer, and I had no experience before except seeing how painful and time consuming was for my brother to build a DIY i3 prusa that we had bought for him from ebay.

Of course may be we were a bit unlucky with that set, however if you can read a lot before, have patience, place, and time to build your own its a good opportunity to learn how the system works.

Or go with Wanhao i3, and once it arrives you ll start to print in no more than half an hour. My box came safe, but be careful while unboxing, and I had just printed the test file in sd card. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about 3d printing with no hassle.

Thanks Wanhao, Thanks 3dprintersonlinestore! (the store is fast too, they shipped in 3 days and I had my printer in 6 days right after ordering, and I was printing).

Adam Weiss


It was delivered in 5 days from the ordered date and came pretty well packed. As this was a pre-assembled printer I was able to get it up and running immediately. The SD card supplied with the printer had some test prints and I print them with PLA and ABS.

The PLA worked great but the ABS had wrapping issues, after a bit of research I was suggested to cover the printer with a casing as the printed parts were cooling off too quickly. I turned the ceiling fan off while printing and the Abs prints were better. Next up was testing Copper infill filaments and it was a real disaster.

I tried 20 times with different heat settings and could not get it to work. I really cannot comments if it’s the printer or the filament or just me who does not know how to print with these.

Dan Cartwright


This printer is a quality piece of hardware, I hate plastic and I am pretty impressed with the metal body this printer has.The Drag Chain and its design do compliment with the other piece of hardware pretty well.

I use Cura to slice the models and feed the printer and it works well with the printer and the SD card support means I run the printer in standalone mode.

The LCD may be small but shows most of the information required for the operator to see. I a pretty satisfied with the printer and would recommend it to my co students from our university.

Craig Ervine


Confirmed Purchase on : 10/07/2015
Published on : 19/07/2015

I've had the product for less than a week now, and I am more than impressed with the quality of the parts and the printing I'm getting out of this. This is my first 3D printer, for the record. So, while I cannot compare the work this machine does with that of others, I can say that it is easy enough to put together and calibrate

Vikas Hutagikar


Pretty sweet 3d printer. Just like with all of the 3D printers on the market today, it takes a bit of learning to figure out how to use it properly but once you do, it's a breeze. I haven't figured out how to do PLA on it yet but my ABS prints are looking really nice.