Fredo Deguenon


Product was delivered to my home in Japan in six days from the order. My products are the center of the platform compared to the four-way, had dented about 1mm. I was covered with heat-resistant glass plate of 5mm thick because I had expected, it has been moved to the mounting holes provided on the limit switch of the Z-direction to 4mm upward. My product is commissioning of 1.9m (55 minutes) has been subjected in the factory. Stars 4 because it was the product of more than my expectations.

David Zeth


Item shipped in 1 week. Simple assembly required to start printing. Overall experience is good. Highly stable 3d printer.

Bob Lichtenberg


The printer was able to print strait out of the box, I am very impressed with the printer and its performance. Here are few pros and cons that I have been able to figure out after using the printer for a month.

Pros :

Cons :

it’s a nice entry level printer. Go ahead a buy this one guys

Claire Walter


This is my first experience with a 3D Printer and I would say it’s not a pleasant one. This is my personal opinion and has got nothing to do with the printer; it’s just too difficult for me to understand this stuff. My son has helped me print some stuff and they came out pretty well, he has helped me print a shoe for my fashion show next month and I am so proud I could get it done on such a small machine. If I did not have a 3d printer I would have ended paying up around $2000 to get the shoe made, but here I had to pay just $20 for the filament as the designing was done in-house. 3D Printing will change everything we know about making things, but I feel these machines need to be simpler to use

James Reason


Fully assembled wanhao duplicator i3 printer for just $400 is certainly the best deal ever. I received the delivery of the printer in 5 working days which was pretty quick. The printer was able to print strait out of the box, no calibration required as it was pre calibrated. The steel body does add a bit of pounds to the printer but does certainly look good and give the much needed muscle to the printer to bear the vibrations during printing. The Drag chain does a wonderful job and does hold all the loose wires nicely. I was able to print ABS and PLA on it; I am now looking to experiment with Conductive and flexible printing. I really wished the printer came with dual extruder so I could print support material separately. The print quality is pretty awesome and it’s not a slow printer by any means, I am in love with this thing!!