Printer good. Delivery almost good. Printer comes with some broken parts :( But I am almost happy about this printer (y)

Fredo Deguenon


Product was delivered to my home in Japan in six days from the order. My products are the center of the platform compared to the four-way, had dented about 1mm. I was covered with heat-resistant glass plate of 5mm thick because I had expected, it has been moved to the mounting holes provided on the limit switch of the Z-direction to 4mm upward. My product is commissioning of 1.9m (55 minutes) has been subjected in the factory. Stars 4 because it was the product of more than my expectations.

David Zeth


Item shipped in 1 week. Simple assembly required to start printing. Overall experience is good. Highly stable 3d printer.

Bob Lichtenberg


The printer was able to print strait out of the box, I am very impressed with the printer and its performance. Here are few pros and cons that I have been able to figure out after using the printer for a month.

Pros :

Cons :

it’s a nice entry level printer. Go ahead a buy this one guys

Claire Walter


This is my first experience with a 3D Printer and I would say it’s not a pleasant one. This is my personal opinion and has got nothing to do with the printer; it’s just too difficult for me to understand this stuff. My son has helped me print some stuff and they came out pretty well, he has helped me print a shoe for my fashion show next month and I am so proud I could get it done on such a small machine. If I did not have a 3d printer I would have ended paying up around $2000 to get the shoe made, but here I had to pay just $20 for the filament as the designing was done in-house. 3D Printing will change everything we know about making things, but I feel these machines need to be simpler to use