James Reason


Fully assembled wanhao duplicator i3 printer for just $400 is certainly the best deal ever. I received the delivery of the printer in 5 working days which was pretty quick. The printer was able to print strait out of the box, no calibration required as it was pre calibrated. The steel body does add a bit of pounds to the printer but does certainly look good and give the much needed muscle to the printer to bear the vibrations during printing. The Drag chain does a wonderful job and does hold all the loose wires nicely. I was able to print ABS and PLA on it; I am now looking to experiment with Conductive and flexible printing. I really wished the printer came with dual extruder so I could print support material separately. The print quality is pretty awesome and it’s not a slow printer by any means, I am in love with this thing!!



Not for newbs, but great value for those technically minded.



Handling and lead time can be improved but I could not beat the price and trust me I tried. I even priced all the parts and I feel i owe them price $100 for the kit.It is THE BEST ASSEMBLED Prusa i3. Producing High Quality Prints.



Order on 5 Aug, Ship out on 8 Aug, Received it on 10 Aug. There is super fast shipping. Items arrived very well packed. Got it setup in less than 30 mins and what can I say, the printer is awesome. Really easy to setup, level the head, put in the PLA sample filament and I was printing the sample file. Really no fuss at all. And the print look fantastic. This is really the most value for money fully assembled printer you can buy which allows you to print a wide range of material with decent printing size. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

Johnny Baldwin


Great 3D printer manufacture. Solid state due the metal body (not work, not acrylic, not printed parts). You don´t have to assemble the entire printer, just join the tower to the base, plug cables and balance plate and you are ready to print.