Received the printer yesterday and it looked very nice. The only issue I had out of the box was that the filament guide was slightly bent, and the printer could not recognize the filament was loaded. I had to take a hammer and 'gently' tap the piece into alignment.

The platform was also a little crooked so i tightened it also to level it out.

After those minor adjustments I printed the demo, and it worked great. I had since printed 3 designs, and by no means is it a fast printer, but for 400$ and still entry level technology, you can not get much better.

For the software i elected to use the provided software first to see what it was. For basic scaling and viewing I would call it 'plug+play' you import an image from a site such as thingiverse, set the scale, hint print. At this time you could set the detail, and layer thickness and then print. Easy as that. I have used the build a printer yourself kit, and comparing to that this printer is as easy as using a desktop 2d printer.

For those getting into the hobby of 3d-Printing, get this. You will not be disappointed, and you will probably have a lot of fun using the new technology.



it was a good buy. the service was fast and efficient too. worth every penny :)

Ronaldus Van Uden


Excellent Low Cost Introduction to 3D Printing and Personal Manufacturing Technologies. As other well satisfied hobbyists and beginners have stated this is the least expensive system which will allow the home hobbyist to experiment with 3D Printing.

One excellent feature which demands a special call-out is the possibility of transferring design files to an SD card so that the printer can be used offline from your computer. In order to use this feature if you have designed your model in other free or paid 3D software is that the STL model.

Antonio Goncalves


Out of box 3d printer. I started printing right away once unboxed the item. Highly stable and stylish look. Wanhao i3 is greatest of all prusa i3.



I received my printer yesterday, and immediately unboxed it. From the start, everything is very simple and straightforward. It ships with a couple of cleaning items (wire brush, cleaning wire, part removal 'spatula') and of course the software disk, power and USB cables, etc. It was very easy to unpack, and set up on the desk. I loaded the printer and the drivers . Once powered up, I printed the 'demo' part from the printers LCD menu while finishing the software install on the PC. The birdbath demo piece came out great! From there, I tried my first design. Despite not knowing the ins-and-outs of all the settings, I loaded up my model, selected a medium resolution, density, speed, etc and printed away. I must say, while my model itself had some problems, the fit and accuracy were VERY impressive to me.