Rena M. Purnell


The printer arrived earlier than the expected date and I was so happy to receive it so soon. I ordered this printer because it is inexpensive and offers so many features which really impressed me. I was surprised to see that the printer does not require any assembling at all and all I did was to switch the printer on and I started taking print outs. But still I am not satisfied with my purchase as the printer offers average print outs and I was expecting much more from this printer.

Thomas Lee


Confused with this extra-modified printer! Not for me!

When I try to print particularly with PLA, the filament only comes out intermittently. The plastic looks really squashed deforming the prints. I think the thumb screws are locked very tightly.

It would have been a better option to buy the simple model and not this complicated version 3D printer.

Never thought printing would be that difficult! Poor rating from my side!

Catherine F. Keifer


First of all, this printer does not require any assembling which is the most outstanding feature of this printer as assembling can be complicated and ca consume a lot of time. The extruder of this printer is of high quality and I have not faced any problem with it until now. Moreover, it provides very smooth print outs and also allows relaxed loading and unloading. The printer is compatible with PVA, nylon and ABS and offers outstanding results too as I have worked on these three materials. Highly recommended!

Bonnie M. Wagner


Since the beginning I am facing difficulties with this printer. It arrived very late and the packaging was not properly done. Many of the parts were broken and then I had to call the customer care and ask them to replace the parts. After the parts got replaced I started printing and I faced issues with z-index as it was not fixed accurately and that is why I was not able to take out proper print outs. I tried a lot but was not able to fix it and at last I had to take the professional help. I am so unhappy with this printer.

Amelia Klein


I bought this printer last week only, and I am more than impressed with the quality of prints. The build-up volume is impressive. For the record, this is my first 3D printer.

So, won’t be able to compare with other printers. But, I have to admit that it is easy to use, easy to calibrate and delivers great prints. What else can I ask for?

Overall, 4 stars from my side!