Best entry level machine for the price. I have been around 3D printers for 5 years now any this machine is a mile stone in the technology. Machine has been running for 20 solid hours now with no problem.



This is my first 3D printer, as I was waiting for one that did not require all the tinkering to get it working. Well this is it. I received it today at 4:30 and I was printing my first item within half an hour. So far I have printed six items and they have all turned out really good. I am still messing with the setting to see what works best. If you are looking to get a 3D printer that is plug and play, this is it.



It almost took longer to get the unit out of all of the external and internal packaging than to get the first print started. It needed a firmware update but unlike some other 3D printers I am familiar with, it worked the first time with no hassles, and was very quick!, Loading the filament and confirming it was ready, I started one of the demo prints stored in the machine. Thirty minutes later out came the first object - a small white chalice of sorts. Flat bottom and no warps.

James OReilly


I own Robo 3d printer for 2 years. Recently purchased wanhao i3 here. The print quality is same as what I had with Robo 3d. But the print speed is not much faster as Robo 3d printer.

Only ready-to-print 3d printer for $400. Worth for the price.



I set up the printer yesterday, and so far it has been working great. Set up was easy, but it was important to read the instructions closely. I did not have any problems. Many compatible designs can be found at Thingiverse. The quality seems just as good as the printers that cost much more. So far it's been a great 3d printer for the price and I have no complaints.