Cong Ko on 15/06/2016
102 reviews

I was supposed to buy from other portal but, after reviewing 3Dprintersonlinestore I got this fully assembled printer at a very affordable price comparison to others and got free local warehouse shipping.

This is my first 3D printer and I experienced great working on it. It is incredibly easy to use by just plugging in the power. It works well more than what I expected. I love to use PLA filament for my models and while working on cura programmer it delivers intuitive results.

Highly impressive!

Cody Arden on 14/06/2016
102 reviews

I am so happy to buy this amazing device. Prusa i3 is a hassle-free printer that no needs to calibrate, assemble and test. After installing this printer it was like my dream of 3D printing comes true.

The upgraded MK10 single-extruder works well with its steel X-carriage. It was delivered within the promising time period. Additionally, I got an extra bonus of $10 refund on my purchase as I uploaded print samples on social networking site.

I would surely recommend this printer to those who want to explore their hobby in reality. Must go for it!

Shane Anderson on 01/06/2016
102 reviews

This printer is very reasonable and came fully assembled! Nice one!

Over all, great printing speed and quality

Shadiyah Qureshi on 01/06/2016
102 reviews

I ordered this printer as it is a fully-assembled device and saves the time.



At the end, the damaged parts were replaced within few days of my complaint. Overall, in my opinion, it is a good printer at this price.

Linda Dye on 26/05/2016
102 reviews

The Wanhao printer came fully assembled and there’s no stress of getting it assembled. I was happy with it.


Steel structure- Durable

Very easy to use  

High precision prints

Multi-filament capability: PLA, ABS, PVA, Ninja Flex, Nylon, LayWoo-D3, Lay Brick, Copper FILL


Problem with the cooling fan of the extruder- it broke and had to get it fixed