I bought this 3D printer from and I'm very happy with it.

First, the delivery was really fast and the questions I've asked was quickly answered and info given was very helpful.

The printer is really great to begin 3d printing and quality is great for "only" 400 dollars. I've already printed at least 10 objects and all was great.

The only less of this printer is sometime it's a bit difficult to set the z-index accurately but if you want a printer with automatic z-index setting it's more expensive.


Cong Ko


I was supposed to buy from other portal but, after reviewing 3Dprintersonlinestore I got this fully assembled printer at a very affordable price comparison to others and got free local warehouse shipping.

This is my first 3D printer and I experienced great working on it. It is incredibly easy to use by just plugging in the power. It works well more than what I expected. I love to use PLA filament for my models and while working on cura programmer it delivers intuitive results.

Highly impressive!

Cody Arden


I am so happy to buy this amazing device. Prusa i3 is a hassle-free printer that no needs to calibrate, assemble and test. After installing this printer it was like my dream of 3D printing comes true.

The upgraded MK10 single-extruder works well with its steel X-carriage. It was delivered within the promising time period. Additionally, I got an extra bonus of $10 refund on my purchase as I uploaded print samples on social networking site.

I would surely recommend this printer to those who want to explore their hobby in reality. Must go for it!

Shadiyah Qureshi


I ordered this printer as it is a fully-assembled device and saves the time.



At the end, the damaged parts were replaced within few days of my complaint. Overall, in my opinion, it is a good printer at this price.

Shane Anderson


This printer is very reasonable and came fully assembled! Nice one!

Over all, great printing speed and quality