Greg G


For the beginner, this printer is amazing! The set up took no time at all and within 30 minutes we were printing out first little gadget. I am surprised how much you can produce from one printer cartridge, much more than I had expected. Overall, we re very happy with this item!



Awesome machine for the money. Excellent for a beginner 3D enthusiast. Kudos to Sally wanhao and Steve 3dprintersonlinestore for the great help through support



Drop-shipped directly from the manufacturer, with lots of update emails from the vendor, manufacturer, and the carrier. Got to my door in Regional Australia in 5 days!

First batch packaging had some issues, I got one of those, but I've heard the later packaging is much better. Mine arrived in fair condition; I am a techy, so it was nothing that I could not fix, but it might have been a bit too much for the less technically minded folk.

Once the printer was setup and squared off, it prints exceptionally well. Easily beating the $4000AUD printer I use at work for most tasks, especially PLA. For under $500 this printer punches well above its weight and is easier than building a kit (which you'd be hard pressed to do for cheaper).

If you're technically adept or have experience with 3D printers already, I definitely recommend this printer (WanHao i3) and this vendor (3dprintersonlinestore) as a winning combination.

Nene Robert


As advertised and worked right out of the box. Excellent instructions and packaging. Using for small Rapid Prototyping Lab and works perfectly with high steel chassis Would recommend to everyone... will buy again for the mass set up

Bonnie M. Wagner


Since the beginning I am facing difficulties with this printer. It arrived very late and the packaging was not properly done. Many of the parts were broken and then I had to call the customer care and ask them to replace the parts. After the parts got replaced I started printing and I faced issues with z-index as it was not fixed accurately and that is why I was not able to take out proper print outs. I tried a lot but was not able to fix it and at last I had to take the professional help. I am so unhappy with this printer.