Best delta ever, At first I did not want to spend $300 odd on something that I did not know how to work with. easy to build, good support both from this store as well from the Afinibot seller



If you think you can invest a lot of time and energy then only I will recommend the printer to you. I am seriously very disappointed with the printer as it has the most complex assembling process. When I started assembling it, first I faced issues with getting the calibration right and then I faced issue fixing the Z-axis. In both the cases I contacted the customer care to get my problem solved. It took me a lot of time to complete the assembling part and to print

James King


This delta printer was fantastic and works as described. The printer came a day early, I paid for the expedited shipping and it came from Hong Kong in five days.

As for the prints. I have gotten some good results. nothing outstanding but there's still some calibration to be done. pla works without warping. I recommend a slower speed for this printer.



Well, I have had the Afinibot delta printer for a few months now, and I am happy with it. After using the printer for a while I would say that 3d printing is for people who are ready to invest their time getting the right settings and tweaks to get the right kind of prints.

The software supplied with the printer is junk, I had to invest more money into simplify 3d to get good prints. The non-heated also restricts my printing portfolio and I had to buy another printer to be able to print with ABS.

I strongly recommend people to get high quality filaments and not settle for cheaper Chinese alternatives as they can really mess up the printer nozzle.



The printer arrived with a broken print bed, Afinibot sent me a replacement in a weeks’ time. Traxxas 5347 u-joints work amazingly well and the printer works extremely quietly. I hope it had a heated bed so that I could printing using a lot more materials, I did call the customer support to see if I could get an upgrade but they said they do not have it yet. The carbon firber arms are great addition to the whole kit, I have got some nice prints with PLA and have been using printer continuously for over 2 months, I do not see any wear and tear on the printer which is great news.