Brian Simpson


Not being a great fan of 3d printing but the hype around the technology has pushed me to get a 3d printer. The decision of which one was certainly not an easy one. I was confused between Cartesians and Delta printers but finally opted for a delta as they looked lot better.

The printer kit has decent parts and the assembly is not tough. I am not very happy with the kind of power supply provided with the printer and feel its weak so I would suggest an upgrade.

The LCD supplied is bright and visible even in day light, the printer bed size is decent and the star would really be the Traxxas 5347 u-joints. They work super smooth and do not cause any friction during printing which makes the prints looks lot better. I am happy with the printer but have complaints about the instructional manuals which is a perfect example of a bad translation.



Simple and elegant Delta 3D printer! 5-Stars from my side! This is really a great 3D printer kit for people interested in delta type printers. The prints are highly polished and speed of the printer is mind-blowing. The product comes with incredible dependable support. Customer service adds tremendous value to this product. Over all, a great product. And 5-heart-warming stars from my side!



I purchased this printer for my graduate-project in college. Firstly, the kit arrived within a week from purchase so it was a great start. The parts were all nicely packaged and organized and the carbon-fiber bars were pre-assembled, something I was really thankful for. Assembling was also surprisingly easy. Overall, it is a good product for starters with no experience on 3d-printers.



Great version of the Rostock Mini 3D printer! Good experience! I absolutely love working on this Rostock Delta printer. This DIY printer is easy to assemble. The build-up volume is not up to the par. Printing on Afinibot is fine. However, I have one complaint. The CD that was provided was blank though, so no assembly manual. Over all, it is a good printer.



I have this printer for a few months now and I am very happy with it. It got delivered on time and I assembled it without facing any issue. I just followed the instructions in the manual and it worked nicely. The printer is easy to use and maintain too. My daughter also uses it for her school projects and she just took a day to understand the printer fully. I only feel that the print size build volume is too small and at times it restricts my work. But I am happy with the great quality print outs.