Clarence M. Chavez


It’s been 2 months now and I am very happy with the functionality and quality of the printer. The printer got delivered with a complete kit that contains everything (including tools) and assembling this printer is not a difficult task. This is the perfect printer for all the newbies as they will be able to assemble it on their own. This printer can actually print vert fast because of the unique mechanical structure and I have received some outstanding results from this printer. Great quality!

Sam C. Fields


The 3D printer got delivered on time as I expected. I was confused between many printers and finally I decided to order this one. I would say that I am not fully satisfied with my purchase.

Although, the printer is not that tough to assemble, I faced difficulty while getting the printer bed calibrated and it took me few hours to get it right.

At the time of assembling also I faced problem while passing the 2nd Z- axis servo port, which was solved by the customer support instantly. The printer quality is also fine but I was expecting a lot more from this printer.



Best delta ever, At first I did not want to spend $300 odd on something that I did not know how to work with. easy to build, good support both from this store as well from the Afinibot seller

Ana F. Brousseau


The printer arrived with a broken bed and that was the first and the last time when this printer disappointed me. The broken bed was instantly replaced and then I started assembling the printer which was a very easy process.

The printer worked really well after that and even my daughter is suing it for her college projects and is getting amazing results. She is planning to talk to her college authorities and get one for the college. Recommended!



Well, I have had the Afinibot delta printer for a few months now, and I am happy with it. After using the printer for a while I would say that 3d printing is for people who are ready to invest their time getting the right settings and tweaks to get the right kind of prints.

The software supplied with the printer is junk, I had to invest more money into simplify 3d to get good prints. The non-heated also restricts my printing portfolio and I had to buy another printer to be able to print with ABS.

I strongly recommend people to get high quality filaments and not settle for cheaper Chinese alternatives as they can really mess up the printer nozzle.