I have this printer for a few months now and I am very happy with it. It got delivered on time and I assembled it without facing any issue. I just followed the instructions in the manual and it worked nicely. The printer is easy to use and maintain too. My daughter also uses it for her school projects and she just took a day to understand the printer fully. I only feel that the print size build volume is too small and at times it restricts my work. But I am happy with the great quality print outs.



A portable printer! I easily carry it around my house and my husband also at times takes it to his office. Due to its unique mechanical structure I am able to take print outs at very fast speed and the best part is even after hours of printing, printer offers the same speed and high quality. It offers very smooth and flawless functioning. It prints excellently on PLA and I am very happy with the outcome. I have even recommended the printer to my colleague and he is planning to order it soon.

Mary J. Best


I ordered this printer for my husband so that he can impress his clients by showing his creative side. He has been facing a lot of problems so I thought this might be a solution to all his problems.

The instruction manual was bit hard to follow and I face some minor issues with final calibration. I took assistance from customer service and they helped me out. I assembled it for my husband and they finally gifted him.

My husband told me that although the print quality is not very impressive, but it is delivering better prints then his other printer.

Donald Borden


Learning how a 3d printer works is the first thing that you need to do before trying to think about 3D Printing stuff. I got this delta printer as it was an easier to assemble kit and with fewer parts it was less scary.

The printer was delivered in the promised time and unboxing made me feel that the printer parts were a fairly high quality. Assembly was fairly easy as I was hoping and the printer was in a working state in less than 5 hours.

The difficult part was to get the printer bed calibrated and that took hours of work. But once that was done correctly the printer was off printing stuff for me.

Laurie J. Scheetz


I am content with the quality of the prints. The printer came with the complete kit. The delivery was quicker than my anticipated time. This printer also works fast. I loved the carbon fiber arms that keep the printer rather cool. I had compared it with some other options, but the price of this printer suited my pocket. Overall, a good printer!