Glenn C. Moran


At the time of purchasing this printer, I was unsure whether I’ll be able to build this Afinibot and it took me over 4 hours to assemble it. I had then suggested my friends to prefer an assembled version. But there was rather a significant advantage of building my own machine.

Last week I was able to impress my product manager when he was stuck with his printer and did not know what to do. Without dilly-dallying, I quickly fixed it by cleaning the blocked hot ends. Now, I am the star of my office.

 So, 5-stars from my side!

Trevor D. Turner


There is nothing unique about this printer!

It is just an average printer with average speed and average print quality.

The downside is that you can’t give final touches to your print because this printer only works on PLA. Earlier, my old printer had both ABS and PLA filaments.

So, every time I was not satisfied with the prints, I would dip it in acetone to wipe away all the blemishes and bumps. In fact, yesterday I made a joint part and it deformed this morning.

It’s just been a week and I have already started missing my oldie!

Yi Ma


I received the kit in fair condition within a week.  I was able to assemble the printer in a matter of few hours because of open source platform. 

Delta has impressive quality of the carbon-fiber arms that are light and cool. My friend kept pushing me to buy other version with ABS filament. But I am satisfied with my purchased stuff.

 I just wish delta had dual color print option. Nevertheless, this is a great 3D printer.

Paul R. Richardson


Rostock printer kit has decent parts. Assembling was however a messy affair. First, I got stuck at plugging the idler ends and then with mounting the extruder. Thanks to customer support service for bearing with me! 

 I am also not satisfied with the print size build volume as it is compact.

Can’t blame them though!

Janet C. Mancia


After reading so many reviews online I decided to order this printer and I am so happy to have it, it’s the best thing present in my office right now. It’s fun to use. When the printer got delivered I was happy to see the good quality kit and was really impressed with the carbon fibre arms which are of high quality too. I use this printer almost and I got outstanding results every time. The quality remains the same and everything is good in the office because of this printer.