Judith J. Miller


I ordered this printer for my son’s office. It arrived with a broken print bed, but got replaced within a week. Then I started assembling the printer and it took me less than 4 hours to complete the assembling process.

I am impressed with the printer bed size which is very decent and also the LCD supplied is bright and clearly visible in day light, the prints are impressive and my son is very happy with the printer. Recommended to all.



Best 3d Printer on the market! I use it to print plastic display boxes for a local museum.

Decent build volume, Great design, Easy to assemble, Simple to maintain , Simple to use, but take a bit more tweaking than other printers out there but the end results are great.

Brian Simpson


Not being a great fan of 3d printing but the hype around the technology has pushed me to get a 3d printer. The decision of which one was certainly not an easy one. I was confused between Cartesians and Delta printers but finally opted for a delta as they looked lot better.

The printer kit has decent parts and the assembly is not tough. I am not very happy with the kind of power supply provided with the printer and feel its weak so I would suggest an upgrade.

The LCD supplied is bright and visible even in day light, the printer bed size is decent and the star would really be the Traxxas 5347 u-joints. They work super smooth and do not cause any friction during printing which makes the prints looks lot better. I am happy with the printer but have complaints about the instructional manuals which is a perfect example of a bad translation.

Michi Twokay


What can I say, it is in my opinion an unbeatable offer!

Pre-assembled 3D printers start at $ 500 and more, this is about $ 300 (including postage). A really very good deal!

I was able to build the printer in just over 6 hours.

I had one problem during the construction (bypassing the 2nd Z-axis servo Port), which was solved by the support within 24 hours!

Since then I print diligently everyday objects.

I have now printed up to 0.5 kg filament and i am so far very pleased with this printer.

I would highly recommend it!

Paulo Machado


I am very happy with my purchase in 3dprintersonlinestore. Because i found the same Afinibot delta 3d printer at Amazon for the price of $390 USD.

The instruction manual was little hard to follow. I got some issues with final calibration. Tina from afinibot assisted via video call to get the printer work and recommended some settings for fine prints. Much appreciated.