I'm a maker at heart, so I knew what I was getting into when I purchased this printer. This printer is great for beginning the very steep learning curve known as 3D printing. Assembling it yourself helps you learn about the parts and how they work, and make troubleshooting problems far easier later on.

Once you are aware about the working of the printer and the parts you'll also know what needs to be repaired when something goes bad.

James A. Steele


I knew that it was a tough job but I decided to assemble this printer on my own so that I can get to know about the parts and also how they work. After patiently assembling the printer, the outcome was extraordinary.

This assembling really helped me to know the machine better and it’s been a month now, we both are working as a great team together.

The printer consumes only 360 W which are very less as compared to the 3D printer placed in my friend’s office. I recommended this one to him and he is planning to change his printer.

Patrick Yoon


I'm a highschooler who loves DIY projects and electronics. I was looking into buying a 3d printer but many were too expensive, and the cheap kits from China were just not trustable. The printer took about 7 hours to assemble (had lots of fun) but there are things to be warned about.

Make sure you TRIPLE-check all cable connections to the board, because I had to open the enclosure to the board several times because I made mistakes. And make sure to use painters tape for ALL prints, and callibrate your Z axis properly.

But overall, a VERY VERY fantabulous product and I recommend to all beginners. Print quality is just AMAZING, especially with finer prints (0.1 or 0.05 mm layer height). The heated bed worked amazingly, and the included Gcodes on the SD card had lots of cool stuff to print. Hope you buy it!



The kit arrived as expected with the handling delay that was posted. There was some damage to the RAMPS board, bent pins and the reset switch broken. Still works and support has replied. I am not at all disappointed, truly a bargain.

The excess wiring is extreme, but that is ok for this price point. I shortened and covered as practical with armor.

The front timing belt idler is awful to put together. It would probably be better for the front idler mount to be a printed part. Once it is together it works.

The extruder barrel was loose and the instructions do not say check it. I figured out myself that once there is plastic in the extruder it must be hot to allow tightening or removal of the nozzle and barrel.

The L brackets use socket screws in most locations. A photo of the socket screws would have saved me some time since they were listed as "L brackets with screws".

The bearing mount for the X motor mount is loose.

I am very happy with my printer and highly recommend it.



This is my 3rd purchase here. My last purchase was migbot prusa i3. I was not happy with shipping, it took 20 days to arrive because of more back orders i hope.

But the folgertech shipping is very fast. Received item in 5 days. Very clear and detailed user manual. I recommend this product and to anyone in the world.