Mark Wills on 03/06/2015
54 reviews
I've got this printer ... assembled easily, and works very well. I don't experience any of the theoretical problems mentioned in some of the other comments. One issue I have had is one of the Y bearing holders coming loose, but this is simply fixed with a small mod to the holder. I've been using PLA and ABS, with good results, although I'm still tuning everything in (half the fun!). There's a thread devoted to the Folger over on the RepRap forum.
Kyle Mears on 01/06/2015
54 reviews
I pre-ordered their new aluminum i3 printer. Although they are not being shipped yet, I did deal a little with their customer service since I accidentally put the wrong shipping address.

They responded quickly, and were pleasant about solving the issue. I will continue to update this review as well as the other reviews I am writing on them as the process continues.

Update: The kit is very sturdy and good quality. Instructions made assembly easy. One part was found defective, but they quickly responded and sent me a replacement right away. Would recommend Folger Tech to anyone.

Devin William on 30/05/2015
54 reviews
Decent Printer from 3d printer store, time consuming to put together but overall it was a good learning experience. Still playing with settings and have got some very nice prints on it so far.
Marv on 21/05/2015
54 reviews
Average printer, often gets some issues, but still support team were excellent to solve those issues, I'm a beginner and they are showing much patience in assisting.