Patrick Borysek


I am from Phoenix. This is No.1 affordable 3d printer kit in the market with aluminum frame. I made my purchase here since the shipping cost is affordable than other sites and friendly support.

More reviews after received the printer. Thank you.

Mary Mottolo


I purchased this 3D Printer for a college Capstone project. I have talent at putting things together but this was a challenge since it didn't come with any assembly instructions. You have to download and print them off there web page and even then they are not that detailed as far as telling you what you will need and tool specs. But with a little patients and the overall outcome of the finished product you will be happy.

Jerry Castanos


Great print quality. This is the best way to get into 3d printing for the lowest price. There is no sound tech skills needed to get this printer to work. The detailed user manual explains everything.

Mark Wills


I've got this printer ... assembled easily, and works very well. I don't experience any of the theoretical problems mentioned in some of the other comments. One issue I have had is one of the Y bearing holders coming loose, but this is simply fixed with a small mod to the holder. I've been using PLA and ABS, with good results, although I'm still tuning everything in (half the fun!). There's a thread devoted to the Folger over on the RepRap forum.

Kyle Mears


I pre-ordered their new aluminum i3 printer. Although they are not being shipped yet, I did deal a little with their customer service since I accidentally put the wrong shipping address.

They responded quickly, and were pleasant about solving the issue. I will continue to update this review as well as the other reviews I am writing on them as the process continues.

Update: The kit is very sturdy and good quality. Instructions made assembly easy. One part was found defective, but they quickly responded and sent me a replacement right away. Would recommend Folger Tech to anyone.