I bought this printer a month ago. I am enthralled with this 3D printer. So far there have been absolutely no issues faced with this printer. The kit comes in secure packaging. It is light in weight in comparison to other printers. Great assortments! I just wish it could print in multiple colors.



Being a product manager, I needed a cost-effective 3D printer. I had honestly been excited for Folger Tech RepRap printer. My first experience with this printer has been quite disappointing. Even though, the speed of the printer is fine but I faced the problem at the time of delivery. Some parts had been replaced. It took some strenuous effort to cluster the parts together. Assembling this one is such a daunting task.

Sergio Lydia


The DIY kit is the easiest and hassle free kit ever, the assembly is strait forward, yes its time consuming but it makes you learn a lot about 3D Printing. The printer’s body is made of laser cut aluminum, which gives it great stability. The extruder works great and at 50 microns the prints are as good as injection molding parts. 8 cubic inch of print area is good enough for any small 3d printer and the printing speed is acceptable. If you want a decent printer at low cost go ahead and purchase this beauty.



I am in printing business and bought this 3D printer for my office use. I have used many printers in the past. Unlike other printers, the RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit is easy to assemble and operate.

The assembling took around few hours. Excellent build volume, heated bed and plastic filaments are some of the distinct features of this 3d printer. It works at an amazing speed thus, saves time and money.

Sherri Gutierrez


The Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit is an excellent device for those who needs large sized, vibrant prints. It is offered at affordable price. The fast printing speed makes it one of the best in the league of 3D printers.

The sturdy construction of this printer ensures the durability of the product.  It is portable as the printer is light in weight. The easy to operate functions saves time and makes the task easy.