Adam Sandler


I just wanted to share the great customer service I have received from both folger and this store guys especially James in live chat. He helped me to choose the right printer after knowing my requirements. And the instructions helped me enough and didnt let me to seek help from support. Satisfaction..



This has been a great printer so far. I have been very lucky, as there has been very few adjustments needed to get quality prints. The instructions and software need a little updating. Not sure why they haven't updated them as I know they are aware of the issues. Even though there are issues, I was still able to assemble it with very little problems. I picked a kit because I enjoy putting things together. The is very stable. After assembled and all issues were resolved, I have had no issues. As with all 3D Printers, there is some "getting to know your printer" initially. Picking the correct settings, temperatures, etc. There are tons of idea/improvements/upgrades available on Thingiverse. This is my first 3D Printer and I would recommend to anyone that is capable of assembling it.



This is a great kit. This is my first 3d printer, and it was fairly easy to put together. I love the ease of the 2020 aluminum, and my ability to print accessories that can easily attach. Also, their service is great. I was missing a couple of parts, and they were super helpful in shipping me out replacements. I would definitely recommend getting this kit.

These clips work wonders for cable management. I used this case to attach an OctoPi( server:

Todd B. Reed


Finally my 3D printer arrived after 25 days of ordering due to spare parts shortage. I am a bit disappointed with the slow shipping process. I was excited to have my first 3D printer but now my excitement has gone, maybe because it is an average printer and I expected a lot from it.

The print quality is just fine specially that of the very first printouts. The best part about the printer is that it is economical. Assemble your printer with patience and read all the instructions twice or thrice and you would be good to go. Suitable for beginners. 



Very happy with my prints, however instructions became confusing at certain points as certain screws were changed with different ones. Also printer head became very dirty, as the plastic seaped through edges on the top and bottom of the heated end.