Elbert Blair


I am a fashion designer. I need prints on a regular basis. This 3D printer by Folger Tech has helped me reduce my work load tremendously. The speed of this 3D Printer is great. The prints delivered are precise and vibrant. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend this to all who requires prints on a daily basis!

Faisal Najjar


I can create large-sized designs with utmost precision on this amazing printer. This is potentially perfect for handling workloads accurately, on time. This machine came with impressive build volume, heated bed, compatibility with multiple wood and plastic filaments at the great price. Great Thanks to Folger Technologies for the great device and 3D printer online store for its remarkable inventory!



After so much of research and survey, I ended on this nifty device. This printer is a next big invention of the 3D printing. My experience with this printer says that this machine comes with everything that we need. It is a perfect kit with most upgraded versions.

It delivers high-précised prints about 50 microns at a good speed of printing, which is ideal for architectural engraved designs. The free shipping to the USA was an extra bonus for me. It is a smart and valuable DIY kit.

M. Williams


I am an art teacher. I used to create DIY assignments for my students. Thus, Folger RepRap Kit was an ideal choice which I bought it last month. The printer is easy to assemble and light in weight to carry anywhere.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ itself refers that a simple step-by-step instruction makes you learn every process of printing easily. However, it was not easy to debug or processed like it claims. It ruined my expectations. You need to probe comprehensive instruction guide to get clear and sorted instructions to follow.

Jerry Watson


Commendable Print Speed and Précised Resolution!!

A BIG THANKS to the great invention by Folger Tech in 3D printing arena. After installing this incredible device, my efficiency of work increases and I got an appraisal at my work. I can print highly précised models with its great feature about 50 microns of layer resolution in very less time.

The machine is flimsy and easy to operate. I got my order in the very short span of time with nice packaging. It is a fun loving to work with this printer. For USA residents, great news that shipping is free of cost, thus I honored to get free shipping!!!