Pasty S. Lane


This is my best purchase until now in terms of a 3D printer. I surfed a lot on the internet before ordering this and finally decided to order this one as it consist of aluminum body and I have more faith in aluminum body rather than the acrylic ones. The motors and the pulleys available in the printer appear to be of high quality and are expected to last longer. The printer supports Linux which makes my work a lot easier. I am happy with my purchase.

Mary Mottolo


I purchased this 3D Printer for a college Capstone project. I have talent at putting things together but this was a challenge since it didn't come with any assembly instructions. You have to download and print them off there web page and even then they are not that detailed as far as telling you what you will need and tool specs. But with a little patients and the overall outcome of the finished product you will be happy.

Sergio Lydia


The DIY kit is the easiest and hassle free kit ever, the assembly is strait forward, yes its time consuming but it makes you learn a lot about 3D Printing. The printer’s body is made of laser cut aluminum, which gives it great stability. The extruder works great and at 50 microns the prints are as good as injection molding parts. 8 cubic inch of print area is good enough for any small 3d printer and the printing speed is acceptable. If you want a decent printer at low cost go ahead and purchase this beauty.

Gregg Kerri


Do not buy the Printer if you are not good at assembling things. The printer is a kit and needs some skills to get it together; I suffered embarrassment as I failed drastically to get this thing together. I had to wait for a week for my son to come over and get this working for me. There were some missing parts which was expresses shipped which was really nice of the seller. I am still trying to learn the tricks of getting a good print, and I see certain changes to it. My Pla prints are great but I am still not able to figure about the printing temperatures for ABS. But I am hopeful that I will get there in a few days.

Johan Boman


Choosing the right kind of 3D printer from the large list of prusa i3 kits available in the market can be a real pain in the A@#. I simply chose this as it had an Aluminum body which I trust more than the acrylic ones. The motors and the pulleys used look of high quality and look like they would last long. I bought the one with the LCD Panel + SD Card Reader so that can use the printer without the need of the computer. The Kit came with some extra screws which really helped as while assembling I used a lot of force on some and destroyed a few. One possible negative is that the kit does not come with a Glass Print Area, which has to be purchased separately. I still feel it’s a good purchase and an added glass bed to the kit would have made the printer get 5 stars from me.