Cody R. Wang


I was so excited for this Folger RepRap printer. But, my first experience with my order was disappointing. Some of the substantial parts were missing and even some of them came in bad condition. Though, the parts have been replaced and dispatched all missing parts. It took strenuous efforts to cluster all the parts together. For a newbie in this printing industry, it is so difficult to club and to understand its procedure.

All in all, it delivers high-précised prints at good printing speed. According to my experience, this printer is too tricky to handle for a novice.

Maximilian Himmel


About a month ago, I was browsing the internet for a printer. After much hemming and hawing between Geeetech and Folger kit; I found RepRap 2020 Prusa i3 the most suitable and compatible one to handle my workload effectively. So far I haven’t experienced any bug or issues in it. I got Free Shipping as I am a USA resident which was a bonus. The kit comes in secure packaging. It is light in weight in comparison to other printers. Great assortments!

Mike Thompson


I bought this Folger 3D Printer Kit two weeks ago. It took me quite some time to get it assembled.

Here comes my review of this printer-




I tried tightening the screws and got the acrylic frame cracked.  The Folger Tech firmware was also outdated.  

Had little issues initially but got them fixed. Satisfied with the purchase.

Olivie Rouze


Print speed is next to Exceptional!

An amazing printer! Folger Tech RepRap is a perfect brew of erector set simplicity and desktop printer power.  One thing that attracted me a most is its Repetier Host software that offers me a freedom to print directly from the host. Its print speed is commendable. It prints well; I am usually using it for PLA only.

Another amazing thing about this printer is that it consumes only 360 W. The printer is durable and features high strength along with aluminium mounts and frame.

Harriet Morgan


The Best one!

I work in a mechanical lab.  We use 3D printers for handling our color reports. One of our colleague suggested buying this new printer. Since the day it came to the lab, it has been handling our workload perfectly. I can definitely say that this printer is efficient and the quality of prints—Excellent! There are no issues, no bugs, the printer is just perfect. We couldn't be happier with our investment!