Mitchell Peter


Product, store, support, instructions, Live chat, every thing satisfied me,



Much worthy for its price, although I'm a beginner the instructions helped me to build within 3 hours, Excellent guidance, I can even recommend this product to my friends.

Leo Prince


I've had my folgertech printer for a couple of months and I'm quite happy with it. Customer service is appreciated. I found fairly decent step by step build instructions that were easy to follow. It did take me about 10 hours to build.

The performance is not bad. But better than normal reprap 3d printer and best for what you paid.

Bryan Dott


Great printer, once you get it working it is better than many more expensive models. May buy another.



I have been 3D printing for about 2 years now and this printer is excellent with the Aluminium frame. This is my second 3D printer (first was a Solidoodle 3). This printer is very easy to work on and prints very consistently and reliably. Would highly recommend!