Andrew Lennon


Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 is easy to assemble and understand. The LCD screen and added SD card that facilitates offline printing is a significant feature.

Due to the presence of bare minimum parts, it is quite easy to set up this 3D printing kit. Some pieces are already added that can help you save a lot of time.

The design and appeal of this printer is quite satisfying. It’s affordable and comes with a 3 month warranty, which is great!!!

Mario Andrioletti


I was interested to purchase Sunhokey prusa i3. Since i am not technically sound in assembling and tinkering, i purchased Afinibot prusa i3. Some major parts like extruder and heatbed base are pre-assembled .

<p>Shipping was very fast. Received in 6 days from the date of order</p>

<p>Instruction manuals are good enough but contacted support team for initial calibrations. It was helpful. </p>

<p>Average printer but acceptable for the price.</p>

Daniel Grunt


I have been in the prototyping business from past 6 years and I have dealt with a lot of 3D printing machines—good, bad, worse and pathetic.

Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 is the only 3D printer that has been able to satisfy me to some extent. It has a large printing area that delivers prints, which are exact copy of the original one. Best part is they are of accurate thickness and delivered at great printing speed.

The 100% metal built extruder and double fan ensures that the printing bed is cooled down after printing. No power issues. Amazing design. It is a wonderful 3D printing kit!

Jason Spiller


I love this printer! however it comes with its upsides and down sides.

Great value! this is an $1000 printer for $350! amazing print quality!

Fast shipping and well packed.

Takes some skill and time to assemble, don't buy if you've got no idea what you are doing.

Great learning experience.

Mario Castro


Reading the reviews on Afinibot i3 in the rough can give you mixed point of views. In short if your thinking of buying this just to save some money and your not interested in building tinkering then tinkering some more, don't buy this, you'll be disappointed. However if you want to learn how this stuff works and work on a low level with hardware and develop your troubleshooting skills then buy this.