Comparing with makerbot doesnt make sense but still I own a makerbot i couldnt zip my lips. My worries are the open electronics and software as well may cause an accident some day. Also the prints tend to warp as the plastic cools quickly as the printer does not have a closed enclosure. 3.5 rating



I am planning to upgrade my printer power supply and I would recommend everyone to do so as the heated bed takes forever to heat up. A better power supply could save you a lot of money if you are planning to use the printer for commercial use. but printer is really a high quality prusa i3



Semi assembled kit.. It's easy to build, LCD screen supplied with the printer works well the SD card is great addition to the kit. The printer has bear minimum parts and While the look may give you the impression it's hard to work on, it's really easier than the others I've worked with. The designer's have done a really great job at building a printer the way you would want one made. Hope I didnt miss anything

Donna Brown


I built my first 3D printer a Reprap Mendel i2. Not an easy task to setup, a lot of fiddling with it and it broke down within a few months. So I ordered a much stable machine to replace my faulty unit.

This printer is just the best one out there, I has almost everything needed in a printer. I am talking about the heated bed, the all metal extruder that works like a charm with any kind of plastic filament. Good and Bright LCD screen, SD card support and the free 2 kg filament and all that for just $340. You must be crazy to not go for this machine.

I am sure if you procure the parts used in the printer individually from eBay, you would be spending more than $500.

My Final suggestion would be don't think again and especially not the negative reviews here, if you know how a 3d printer works this is the best printer ever.

Bryan Kramer


This is not like a regular printer were you click print and it’s printed and the paper rarely jams.

Meaning, it's a hobby and will require a lot of time and technique to get good prints and will require constant repair due to the nature of the machine.

The printer takes a long time to assemble and hence it spoils the excitement a bit, the printer manual is not up to the mark which does not help at all.

The Heated bed and the all metal Extruder us a great addition to the printer and the freebies are awesome. I really wish they could make the assembly thing easier to work with.