Adam Collins


Had some problem with assembling and calibration, but the technical support and online forums helped me to overcome. Got my first print after two weeks. Happy with the price and free shipping offer.

Edgar Rodriguez


It is a kit only, take a long long time to assemble, calibrate, lots of fail print and so so quality. If you have nothing else to do for your 2 week vacation, then try it.

It still have some good point about this printer. You can learn a lot more of 3d printing on this project and everything can be customizable if you have time. Simply more than worth for the price.

Elizabeth A. Smith


Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 3D printer is the best printer I have ever noticed. My colleagues have different 3D printers with different versions and they envy what I have. I loved that they provide free delivery for this printer. It has multiple features which need to be appreciated like 100 microns resolution, large printing and the filament compatibility. Worth buying!

Paige D. Williams


Wow! I am quite impressed with your Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3. It is difficult for me to count its amazing features because it has everything a person can ask for. The best among all is it was arrived in semi-assembled condition which made it easier for me to check out its features. With latest extruder, acrylic structure and LCD Screen I will give Afinibot 5 stars!

Theodore B. Fiala


This is a good printer by Afinibot which was arrived semi-assembled. But when I started using it, I found it to be a difficult task. I mean, for a beginner like me, some functions were not easy to comprehend. Otherwise, I loved the printing quality of this printer and the speed too!