An excellent printer for someone just getting into 3D printing. The first time I ever used this machine was in a MakerSpace in San Fransisco I always wanted to get a 3d printer ever since. Due to the very adjustable temperatures for the extruder and print-bed, you can run almost any filament type on this printer. I have tried both PLA as well as ABS on this printer and little bit of tinkering both work fine, I have used Ninja Flex 3d filaments as well but could not get the kind of prints I was expecting. The printer is pretty good at the price and the extras like free filaments are great.

Get this printer if you want to learn how a 3D Printer works as the assembling will teach you everything about these machines.



Shipping was exactly on the expected day, even though I live in Alaska. Came with ALL tools I needed to assemble it. The instructions were frustrating at first because the creators used a model made of clear plastic for the example pictures, but if you look at it long enough you'll figure it out.

EXCEPT for the belt holder under the bed. I had to contact them for a picture to understand what should've been the obvious way to clamp the belt together. But they got back to me almost immediately and the whole thing was virtually painless and a fun project for my fiance and I.

Levelling the Z axis was kinda tedious, but every 3D printer kit has that maintenance added to it. Setting up on the computer was simple, and I successfully started printing the test file on the SD card within an hour of complete assembly. Overall this was an INCREDIBLE buy for me at an INCREDIBLE price. Extremely satisfied. One criticism, your instructions require a lot of imagination.

William Haskett


I bought this i3 kit for my son, it took 1 week to teach him how to use it. Now he creates all sorts of useless widgets, some with moving parts!

Learning to design and create with this product is priceless and will give my son the ability to tackle anything in the future.

Edgar Rodriguez


It is a kit only, take a long long time to assemble, calibrate, lots of fail print and so so quality. If you have nothing else to do for your 2 week vacation, then try it.

It still have some good point about this printer. You can learn a lot more of 3d printing on this project and everything can be customizable if you have time. Simply more than worth for the price.

Adam Collins


Had some problem with assembling and calibration, but the technical support and online forums helped me to overcome. Got my first print after two weeks. Happy with the price and free shipping offer.