Mario Andrioletti


I was interested to purchase Sunhokey prusa i3. Since i am not technically sound in assembling and tinkering, i purchased Afinibot prusa i3. Some major parts like extruder and heatbed base are pre-assembled .

<p>Shipping was very fast. Received in 6 days from the date of order</p>

<p>Instruction manuals are good enough but contacted support team for initial calibrations. It was helpful. </p>

<p>Average printer but acceptable for the price.</p>

Jason Spiller


I love this printer! however it comes with its upsides and down sides.

Great value! this is an $1000 printer for $350! amazing print quality!

Fast shipping and well packed.

Takes some skill and time to assemble, don't buy if you've got no idea what you are doing.

Great learning experience.



Comparing with makerbot doesnt make sense but still I own a makerbot i couldnt zip my lips. My worries are the open electronics and software as well may cause an accident some day. Also the prints tend to warp as the plastic cools quickly as the printer does not have a closed enclosure. 3.5 rating



I am planning to upgrade my printer power supply and I would recommend everyone to do so as the heated bed takes forever to heat up. A better power supply could save you a lot of money if you are planning to use the printer for commercial use. but printer is really a high quality prusa i3



Semi assembled kit.. It's easy to build, LCD screen supplied with the printer works well the SD card is great addition to the kit. The printer has bear minimum parts and While the look may give you the impression it's hard to work on, it's really easier than the others I've worked with. The designer's have done a really great job at building a printer the way you would want one made. Hope I didnt miss anything