The printer prints really well on both PLA and ABS. I am very happy and impressed with the high resolution quality and accurate prints. The printer has updated features but it can be modified and updated as per your personal needs. I made some modifications and now I can print faster without any compromise on the quality of the prints. The build area is also huge and I am planning to print some very huge models now. A very economical printer!

Carrol K


I already have 2 3D printers in my office but this printer has the best printing speed. It is a high quality printer and that can be figured out the minute you start assembling it. All the parts are of high quality and were easy to assemble too. I faced issues with the z-axis initially but then I resolved the issue with the help of customer care support. After that I never have to fix z-axis again. I am happy with the way the printer works.



The kit arrived on time and nothing was missing. But assembling the printer was the very tricky part. I faced a lot of issues and unable to complete even a single doubt. I contacted customer care, took my friends helps and somehow managed to assemble the kit. The printing quality id above average and I am satisfied. Apart from the assembling part I have not faced any issue with the printer. It is a sturdy and a very durable machine.



I am enthralled with this Printer! I am a product engineer and have been scouting around for a while for a printer that could be efficient. Folger is a great DIY printer very high on efficiency. The print resolution is very high. I can print 10 cases in a row in just a span of 2 hours. The icing on the cake is its affordable price point. This printer is definitely a complete package. Over all, a very nice product!



Perfect Pick for Beginners! I ordered this printer a month ago and being a novice genuinely liked it. The good thing is that it is not very expensive. The 3D printing kit had all the important components for quick assembling. The print quality of this DIY Folger printer is mind-blowing, irrespective of whether printing in PLA or in ABS. Although I must admit, it requires a little bit of adjustment with the z-axis. Worthy of 4-Stars…