Ravi Chandru


I am very happy with my Folger prusa printer. All the parts were in good order. And Folger were quick to respond to my questions. When assembling your printer, take your time and read each step twice. It took me over 20 hours to assemble, but my first print was below the average but after few calibration the prints were excellent I recommend this printer. I prefer ABS, and heatbed and nozzle works perfect to get ABS prints.



The only words that gave me hope to purchase was Made in USA , and it certainly worthy to get and I have been running this printer for 4 weeks and the results are quite impressive.

Adam Nelson


Excellent kit! Comes with everything you need including the specialty tools that are hard to find. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get involved in 3D printing on a budget.

Arshak Marceau


It didn't disappoint me at the same time it didn't took me beyond the expectation, had some issues while assembling but somewhat managed by the instructions and some phone calls, I can some 3 star to this product.

Corry Cox


Excellent customer service, quality parts, made in USA, clean instructions, if you have little experience with the 3d printer kit before then you can get amazing results