I am EXTREMELY happy with this printer. I'm not sure you can find another 3D Printer in this price range with those specifications. Every negative thing you can say about this printer can be fixed with upgrades or add-on's. I received my printer on a Friday and had it printing Sunday afternoon. Early adopters have a few problems with the Manual but the latest 'Rev B' versions seemed to fix that. Rather then use Folger Tech's version of the Marlin firmware, i downloaded the latest version and modified it with the settings from Folger Tech. A few upgrades i've added... Aluminum Print Bed and Inductive Sensor for auto bed leveling (like Printrbots). LCD Graphic Smart Display Controller + SD card reader I'm also currently building a box/platform that will make it easier for me to move it around.

Martin Ebner


I have had an awesome time assembling this printer, however, this kit isn't recommended for people who are not comfortable with electronics and assembling hardware in general. Good learning experience in 3d printing.

Nathan Wilson


This is a great open source 3d printer Kit. I would strongly recommend the upgrade of the LCD and the SD Card for people purchasing this printer, it would set you back by $12 but its certainly worth the investment.
The printer does not come with the firmware update and the instruction manual but they can be downloaded from the google drive link which is available at the purchase page.
I have been printing on this printer for over a month and it works great. I get around 90% success rates on the printer which is great for a cheap printer like this. I have printed ABS and well as PLA plastics on this printer and got great prints at 100 microns.
If you are contemplating about getting a cheap 3d printer I would with authority say that this is a perfect one to buy.

Chad Gray


Great printer, Cheap to buy

This kit is extremely easy to assemble giving you the joy of DIY! After assembling it, I was able to get my first print in just 15 minutes. Seeing the exceptional quality of the print made me super happy.

The open-source hardware makes it easy to modify and upgrade. I definitely recommend this kit to all those who want to have fun with the 3D printing and learn in the process.

Monica Stint


3D printers are slow in their functioning and often come at an expensive market price, which is why one should invest upon them with care.

Prusa i3 printers from Folger Technologies are among the best 3D printers available in the market and also come at a competitive market price. One can easily set up this kit by following the instructions mentioned on its cover. It is probably the best choice for beginners, who are going to use 3D printer for the first time.