Mario Bell


An excellent store to purchase 3d printers, you can get $5 discount if could share in FB wall, $5 is a good discount for this kind of printers. The customers executives took me to another level with the way they handled me. Quick response, respect, caring.. Great support, great value.

Abraham Jose


I have been looking to build a 3D printer for about a year and just finished building a laser cutter/engraver as a sort of "practice build." I was going to buy parts from different sources and could not get the total price anywhere near what I found in the 2020 i3 kit. I ordered the kit and received it after 10 days. I took my time building it over the next week and I am 100% satisfied with it! It is my first 3D printer and like anything else DIY - you have to have patience and it will pay off. Ignore the negative comments you may see here or elsewhere. Folgertech Acrylic 3d printer kit is great in my book.

Alireza Faraji


This prusa i3 printer (Once finished) is fantastic, for the price it can do absolutely amazing prints for the price and really is an astonishing gateway into 3d printing.

Overall construction time is going to be at least 7 hours from my experience. With all that said I absolutely love this printer, for what I paid its fantastic and I cannot say it enough.

When I bought this printer I thought that I would just build it myself to save some money but I'm really glad I did, I now feel that if anything ever goes wrong with this printer I'll know exactly how to fix whatever arises and that's a security I can seldom find in other products.



As far as 3D printers are concerned, I have used and reviewed many. Prusa i3 printer from the Folger Technologies is the only 3D printer, which is able to satisfy me to quite a great extent.

Prusa i3 comes with an excellent frame and its 203mm x 203mm x 178 mm build area, seems just perfect. Those of you who are thinking of trying their hand on the 3D printer for the very first time must give this one a shot. It comes at a great market price and easy to set up as well. This electronic device is a perfect combo of simplicity and power. 



I didnt had an great experience with this 3d printer kit, from the day 1 I have been seeking help from support both from 3d printers store and folger team, calibration, feeding, bed leveling, temperature settings, they showed extreme patience.