Mark Hebbeler


It’s and extremely well thought out 3d printer, the design is amazing and the materials used to make this printer are sure of high quality.

Once you buy the printer you would need to add a few more bucks on glass for your printer bed, which costs around 10 dollars. Don’t try to print directly on the printer bed as you may end up damaging it while removing your 3d printed parts.

I would highly recommend the Folger Tech to hobbyists who want something that just works out of the box. Quality is also very good, and noise isn't too much as well. I would still want the manufacturer to sell this as a complete printer as the sheer number of parts that is supplied in the kit can intimidate new 3d printing enthusiasts.

Jeppe Maack Pedersen


Reliable, fast, great customer service and excellent support! Folger Tech is the place to do business if you want the above. I really appreciate the level of professionalism regarding advice on what you need compared to their products.

Fivey Thesphynxcat


For the low price, the quality is better than expected.

Expect minor dimensional inaccuracies of the printed parts provided. The 'all metal hotend' is teflon lined. Instructions require quite a number of 10mm bolts, and none are included.

Plan on upgrading motors to get the speeds the Kossel printer is capable of.

In my particular case, the hotend was assembled incorrectly, causing an almost immediate jam -- if it had been an all metal, instead of teflon-lined, it wouldn't have mattered which way the tube between heater block and cooling fins was orientated.

Other than these, the instructions are great, and the printer should work very well. Some components are quite awesome -- the heated bed, and the rails are particularly nice -- rails are much quieter and smoother than most I've heard.

Ravi Chandru


I am very happy with my Folger prusa printer. All the parts were in good order. And Folger were quick to respond to my questions. When assembling your printer, take your time and read each step twice. It took me over 20 hours to assemble, but my first print was below the average but after few calibration the prints were excellent I recommend this printer. I prefer ABS, and heatbed and nozzle works perfect to get ABS prints.

Corry Cox


Excellent customer service, quality parts, made in USA, clean instructions, if you have little experience with the 3d printer kit before then you can get amazing results