I had a great experience. It was a tricky but straightforward build, and their customer service was bang on! I don't think you can get this kind of quality and value anywhere else.

Carrol K


I already have 2 3D printers in my office but this printer has the best printing speed. It is a high quality printer and that can be figured out the minute you start assembling it. All the parts are of high quality and were easy to assemble too. I faced issues with the z-axis initially but then I resolved the issue with the help of customer care support. After that I never have to fix z-axis again. I am happy with the way the printer works.



The kit arrived on time and nothing was missing. But assembling the printer was the very tricky part. I faced a lot of issues and unable to complete even a single doubt. I contacted customer care, took my friends helps and somehow managed to assemble the kit. The printing quality id above average and I am satisfied. Apart from the assembling part I have not faced any issue with the printer. It is a sturdy and a very durable machine.



Complete kit! Comes with everything you need including the specialty tools that are hard to find. I Would recommend to anyone looking to get involved in 3D printing on a budget.

Mike Karlsen


The kit is very sturdy and good quality. This is the third order that I have placed in this store, I am really satisfied with their products. Their MK7 printhead has been working great for me, and I did not encounter any problems with their parts, It is all good quality. Instructions made assembly easy. One part was found defective, but they quickly responded and sent me a replacement right away. Would recommend Folger Tech to anyone.