Jacob Walter


best for your dollars for the prusa i3! would definitely recommend for beginners or pros.

Robin C. Lucier


I am very happy to own this printer. It is difficult to find a great quality printer at such good prices. The kit is very easy to assemble and gives you the satisfaction of managing to assemble a machine on your own.

Yes, I faced a few problems with the adopters but it got sorted. After I finished assembling it took me around 20 minutes to get my first print and the quality was exceptionally good. Highly impressed! Recommended to many of my friends and colleagues.

Arthur Amorim


Capable of high resolutions. Prints with a variety of filament types. Accepts third-party filament spools. The open source software works with Windows, OS X, and Linux.

I got electrocuted while assembling this printer. The printed parts tend to stick to the glass and can be really hard to remove. Quality of the prints can fall short of expectations at times. Miss prints are high and can be really frustrating. The printer makes a horrible grinding noise while printing.

Patrick McCreanor


I'm frankly happy to own the machine and would recommend it if you are technically inclined. If you are not, order some assembled 3d printer which would allow you to skip the problem part.

Nicholas Powell


Prusia i3- A portable 3D printer Kit for Beginners

If you have never tried your hand upon 3D printers before and looking forward to use it in the near future, we suggest you to use Folger Technologies Prusa i3 as a beginner’s kit.

This 3D tool kit has an impressive build area of 203mm x 203mm x 178 mm and runs on 110V or 220V but only with a USB cord. It would take you a bit of time and effort to assemble this 8 cubic inch print area machine but it is worth to invest upon as it combines the simplicity of an erector set and an expensive desktop printer.