Mark Carlson


This is really good 3D printer kit for people looking for delta type printers. The DIY Kit has everything needed to build the printer and an easy to understand instruction manual which helped me assemble the printer within a few hours of unboxing.

What really impressed me about the printer was the huge print bed of 210 x 310 mm. I was able to get some huge prints for my collage project, and the auto bed leveling works perfectly well. I used a blue tape on the printer bed so that the prints stick to the bed and that worked perfectly for me.

I have been able to print ABS and PLA at 210° and it worked. The print speed is pretty impressive as well. I have already printed 3 large prints in the 2 days I have had this printer.

I purchased the printer that comes with SD card support so that I can print without the need of a computer connected to it. All in all this beauty is worth the price; I would suggest this printer for anyone and everyone looking for delta machines.




The printer has a huge build volume for the price (was on sale at $360 + tax).

Auto-leveling works like a charm once you get the endstops placed within a reasonable tolerance

Printer is fast, you can run non-moves upwards of 180mm/s, raise the head at similar speeds, and print good quality outside surfaces at 80+mm/s.

Prints good quality items with PLA and ABS, but remember to set the retraction to ~4-5mmto offset the flex in the bowden extruder.


Not the easiest to put together alone. The BUILD instructions are good, it's just easier with a second set of hands given the 3x symmetry.

Electrical layout section of instructions is not great, the manual currently online has formatting problems and few pictures for that section.

Spool holder isn't great - but who doesn't print a better one as a first print?


Very good printer if you are good at following the instructions.



Let me make the long story short, I am printing successfully with this 3D Printer.

The instructions are very novice; LCD screen does not fit in the rectangular opening where it is supposed to go. Wiring instruction will make you go mad. But after all the trouble it is really fun to see this little machine make some cool prints.

Eric F. Roy


This is my first 3D printer and it arrived safely and in good condition but I faced serious issues while printing the first few prints as I missed the end stop switch at the time of assembling the printer.

Later I realized that it was missing from my printer kit also and then finally I called the customer care service and they send me one after 20 days. Finally after so much of struggle the printer got ready to use and I have realized that apart from the assembling process which is a headache, the printer is good and I am able to complete my work with it.

Mark John Waite


The build process took me about 5 or 6 hours on a Saturday. I am fairly mechanically inclined, and the picture instructions were enough to get by. The aluminum sliders are of high grade and the once the printer is assembled it is a pretty stable machine.

I had some issues which assembling the printer but most of them was because they were vague. Most of the issues happened with the wiring of the controller board. Assembling is easy but like any other 3d printer the tough part is the calibration. Once you overcome this it would be smooth sailing for you.

Overall, I think it's a good first printer, I enjoyed building it and working on it. They could have worked harder on the assembly manual and it would turn to be a great purchase experience.