Steve Hanlon


Placed order and got tracking number in 10 hours. Awesome service !!!!!

Christian Meiser


As other reviews says, the shipping is very fast. Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore and folgertech. I really like this auto leveling delta 3d printer. It's my new toy! I am new to 3D printing and autocad. So after a few more months of playing around with it, I'll do another review.

Peter Joyal


Folgertech Kossel is a great product. The user manual is very informative as explains each and every step. More than worth for the price.

Finally i made my purchase at 3d printer store after reading some reviews about fast shipping and live support. Yes, it is true. I received my package in 4 days. Soon my next purchase.



This is really a great-great 3D printer kit for people interested in delta type printers. First thing wow me was how perfectly the 3D printer parts are accomplished. They are clean and robust. Incorporating them add value to the printer since is going to move the hot end very accurate and smoothly.

Bottom line: This implementation of a delta printer is simple and elegant.

The product comes with incredible dependable support. Customer service adds tremendous value to this product.

Thank you.



bought this printer for my graduate-project in college, the package delivered on time and they were sorted up very clearly, it has a manual guide for you even you are a starter you could build it up to one piece. The Service is also very kind and willing to help if there are problems. Overall, it is a good product for starters with no experience on 3d-printers.