I already own two 3D printers but this one is the best one. It got delivered on time with all the parts in excellent condition. It is very easy to assemble and gets ready to use within few hours. I am very impressed with its fast printing speed and high resolution printing quality. The well-built area of the printer helps the machine to deliver good quality print outs. I am very happy with the printer and will recommend it to everyone.



Printer got delivered on time with excellent packing. I was very impressed. It is fun to assemble and equally fun to use too. I assembled it within few hours and started printing the very same day. After printing the first two print outs I realized that the print outs are not exact. Later I figured out that I was not able to get the bed leveling right. I contacted customer care and with their help I fixed the bed leveling. It’s been 3 months now and the printer is working great. I have no issues now. Recommended!



Being a non-professional I was very scared to order a 3D printer online as I thought that it might not be as good as I expect it to be. And I was right, the printer is the most complicated and the worst machine I have ever seen. The manual which got delivered with the printer is incomplete and is not enough to assemble the printer. I contacted customer care and even took my husband’s support for additional help.

Brian Tjarks


I already have a RepRap printer that has been working well. I decided to explore the world of Delta style printers and purchased this printer. The manual for construction isn't great, but the service is amazing. I would definitely recommend this site to others. Fast delivery was also a plus. I will do business here often.

K. Dowd


The printer is cheap and I cannot believe that I got such a good quality printer at such a cheap price. The printer really surprised me with its good quality. I use it in my office and professionally the printer is proving to be my good luck charm. Its high resolution and accurate print outs allows me to deliver the best prints to my clients and they are very impressed with my work too. My wife also uses this printer at times to print decorative objects for house and she also loves using the printer.