Lamonica S. Grier


I surfed for around 6 days online before ordering this printer and I am not satisfied with what I ordered.

First of all the printer arrived much later than the expected date and I was not able to complete my college project on time. Secondly, it took me a lot of time to assemble the printer but I managed somehow.

After the assembling process I faced problem with bed leveling as I was not able to get the leveling right and it consumed a lot of my time to get the things done.

Finally I managed to solve all the problems and took printouts which were of good quality. Not recommended if you are not a professional in handling 3D printers.

Julio Gilreath


A perfect kit- easy to use!

This Folger 3D printer kit is a beauty. I’ve had this printer for about a month now and have successfully printed a number of objects with ease. My younger daughter and I have a lot of fun with this printer.

I help her in printing for her school models and we have printed really cool things together. We’ve kept this one in our lobby area as it is aesthetically appealing. It is quite strong and has an amazing quality.

Paul J. Street


After receiving this printer I have realized that it is a good quality printer and I really enjoyed building it and working with on my many important projects. This printer has never disappointed me and has always provided high quality results. The printer is equipped with auto level servo which sets a relative bed level without you making the physical adjustment to the bed which really makes the work of an individual much easier. It a great kit and I am highly impressed with it.

Rachel Carney


Totally impressed with this printer!

I am very much impressed by this printer. I received the shipment and found myself printing good quality prints within 30 minutes. This is a pretty good appliance which is well-constructed. I faced problem with its filament and firmware.

But, got it rectified easily with the help of the customer service officials who helped me to resolve the issues. This 3D printer comes with a 2004 LCD Controller SD Card Reader which can print without a computer and am so in love with this feature of the printer!

Brian S. Renner


I ordered this printer 2 months ago and I am very happy to have it. The DIY kit which comes along this printer consists of everything which you need to assemble this printer and the instruction manual made my work a lot easier.

The only problem which I faced was the bed leveling which was a bit tricky and this process took me around 2 hours. But when the printer got ready to use, it really impressed with its high functionality. The print quality in PLA is outstanding. I will recommend this printer to all those who are looking for delta type printers.