Sean Rice


I ordered a Folger Printer here and I just wanted to share the great customer service I have received. After getting the package in the mail, I eagerly went home and starting ripping open the package.

After a few hours of assembly, I was beginning to configure the unit and started printing. The instruction manuals were well done and easy to follow. I had two issues with the printer after assembly and both times my emails were answered in less then 2 hours.

When I was unsure of which part was creating the problem, they indicated steps to help me test and identify the problem. After we verified the issue, the parts were shipped out immediately.

I was kept in the loop about each step of the process and at no time have I ever felt like I was a burden as a customer to them. Kudos to you guys and keep up the great work!

Ed Perello


I’ve had some issues with the kit that arrived. It had missing and broken parts.

  • Arrived with a bent USB port.
  • The thermistor was missing.
  • Ordered for LCD and Sd card support but both were missing from my initial order.
  • I called the customer support and they promised to replace the broken part and resend the missing ones but the replacements took more than a week to arrive.

    Aaron Reynolds


    Kit arrived in good condition. Instructions were easy to follow. Broken fan and missing parts that were quickly shipped by Folger at no cost. Plugged it into computer and found home immediately. No complaints, and would recommend to a friend. To others looking to buy. It took me a while to build and tweak. But with patience you will get there. :)

    Brett McDowell


    best bang for your buck for the prusa i3! would definitely recommend for beginners or pros.

    Rick Matthews


    Great product's with a very helpful team to stand behind them and will do their best to make sure you are happy and well taken care of . Will always be the first place I go for my 3D printing need's.