Let me make the long story short, I am printing successfully with this 3D Printer.

The instructions are very novice; LCD screen does not fit in the rectangular opening where it is supposed to go. Wiring instruction will make you go mad. But after all the trouble it is really fun to see this little machine make some cool prints.

Eric F. Roy


This is my first 3D printer and it arrived safely and in good condition but I faced serious issues while printing the first few prints as I missed the end stop switch at the time of assembling the printer.

Later I realized that it was missing from my printer kit also and then finally I called the customer care service and they send me one after 20 days. Finally after so much of struggle the printer got ready to use and I have realized that apart from the assembling process which is a headache, the printer is good and I am able to complete my work with it.

Mark John Waite


The build process took me about 5 or 6 hours on a Saturday. I am fairly mechanically inclined, and the picture instructions were enough to get by. The aluminum sliders are of high grade and the once the printer is assembled it is a pretty stable machine.

I had some issues which assembling the printer but most of them was because they were vague. Most of the issues happened with the wiring of the controller board. Assembling is easy but like any other 3d printer the tough part is the calibration. Once you overcome this it would be smooth sailing for you.

Overall, I think it's a good first printer, I enjoyed building it and working on it. They could have worked harder on the assembly manual and it would turn to be a great purchase experience.

Juan Arce


The Kit is one of the quality kit I have seen being in the 3d printing industry

We are into 3d printing prototyping and we stopped using assembled printers for 2 years now. The Kits are easier to calibrate and customize according to our needs. But I always needed a delta printer as I had heard they were great to work with.

When this printer arrived it was nicely packed, organized and well shipped with everything needed for making the printer. I have to say that assembling a delta printer is way easier than the prusa kits. We were able to get them together in less than 3 hours and it is giving some great prints

I have printed with PLA and ABS with ease and have had no issues. If the print skips off track at some point, just lower the print speed slightly or make sure your belts are tight enough.

I would suggest you use Meshmixer for designing and Simplify 3d for slicing, I agree it will mean added cost but they are worth the effort.

Alexander White


Just received my Folger Kossel 3D Printer Kit and I just can’t have enough of it. I am not a guy of technical expertise, but this printer never let me feel like that. I put it out, assembled it and found myself printing and having lot of fun with it. The printer is so easy to use. This is a great kit and is worth the value for your money and time.