I've had the product for less than a week now, and I am more than impressed with the quality of the parts and the printing I'm getting out of this. This is my first 3D printer, for the record. So, while I cannot compare the work this machine does with that of others, I can say that it is easy enough to put together and calibrate.

Stan Baldwin


The setup to this printer is as easy as it gets with any 3D printer today. If you don't have time to set this printer up, then you don't have time to set any 3D printer up. I had some issues with the the first few prints as I had issues with the over travel of the Z traverse mechanism as I missed the end stop switch there.

I realized the printer kit did not have them as well so called the company and they send me one. The printer missed the active cooling system hence bigger printers tend to wrap, I have added an extra cooler and everything seems to come out so much better. Don’t forget to purchase the sd card reader and LCD it costs and extra $12 but it’s worth its money.

William J. Bryson


Folger Kossel is my first 3D printer. I was excited to get it unboxed and start working on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do so the very moment because I attempted to load the filament so many times but failed. I took help from the customer experience team. I broke one of the pieces while assembling it.

So, I had to struggle it with it. The only relief was getting my first print from this printer. The quality is exceptional. The good points about this printer are its good build area and great print quality.

While it gets its negatives for the issues faced while loading and changing the filament. Overall, it’s a wise purchase.

Jen Belgin


As a general rule I seldom leave feedback, and I know I should be ashamed, and I am, BUT as for this printer I hard to say something. When I received the printer, a day early, I was excited. When I began to open it I found that it had been packaged upside down. I began to feel uneasy. Once I had it unpacked, the setup was a piece of cake. they sent me a few videos which were really helpful in getting the printer together.

Bed leveling was a bit tricky but that did not take more than 2 hours. The printer was ready to print to I put in the tricky boat for print and it came out nice.

Kathryn Harmon


There are a large variety of 3D printers coming to market and you can spend as little or as much as you want on one - I'm a hobbyist and really enjoy tinkering and playing with new technology, and for me this kit has been amazing.

It took me about 6 hours to build, and I had to back track a few times when I built up pieces wrong (you really have to pay attention to their guide) - but after I got it built, and figured out the drivers for Windows 7, I was up and running in an hour!

I had done a lot of research after purchasing this machine since I didn't know much about 3D printing.

But for the practically, cheap price of this delta printer, its producing amazing prints and hasn't caused me many issues.